The Little Black Dress of Hearing Aids

At ReSound, we always love to hear stories of how our products have improved the lives of end-users.  We randomly came across this blog post written by Beth, a woman whose husband, Buck, is test driving a pair of Alera BTEs.

Buck’s audiologist recommended that he test drive Alera during a road trip to Maggie Valley, which would offer a variety of situations in which to effectively test the hearing aids’ performance (road noise, restaurants, and visits with friends). Buck left the audiologist’s office with what Beth calls a “chic black shopping bag full of gee-whiz gizmos.”  She was particularly impressed with the Mini Mic, saying, “my voice goes directly into his ears. What spouse wouldn’t love that?”

Buck and Beth tried out the Mini Mic at a noisy restaurant and were amazed with the results.  “The mini-mic is fantastic,” says Beth. “Buck could hear background sound all around our table at the restaurant, but when I spoke in a very soft voice, that is the sound he heard intimately and clear. It dampened and took precedence over all the other sounds. Buck had to remind me a time or two not to speak so loudly. Amazing. We were able to enjoy a relaxed meal and conversation in that noisy space without resorting to lip and/or mind reading.”

Read Beth’s full post: “ReSound Alera – The Little Black Dress of Hearing Aids“.

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