Help America Hear Scholarship Winner

Every year, the Foundation for Sight and Sound awards a Help America Hear scholarship to high school seniors who have a hearing loss, which requires the use of hearing aid(s) in their daily life. The 2013 winner of this scholarship is Jordyn Fruth from Arizona.

Jordyn being fit by Erin Fine at North Valley ENT.
Jordyn being fit by Erin Fine at North Valley ENT.

Jordyn was fit with ReSound Verso 9 hearing aids by Audiologist Erin Fine at North Valley ENT.

Jordyn’s winning essay talks about the struggle she has faced all of her life to come to terms with her hearing loss. She was diagnosed with a significant hearing loss at the age of four and her parents were told that it could worsen as she got older.

“Everyone has a passion in their life,” she says, “whether it is sports, school, or even collecting snow globes. My passion is very personal, and it has had a tremendous impact on my life.”

For Jordyn, being diagnosed with a hearing loss has helped define who she is and has led her to the realization that her passion in life is to help others with disabilities overcome adversity.

“Growing up hearing impaired was tough,” she says, “I was looked at as different from the others, and it was nothing that I could fix. I have dealt with self-esteem issues, always worried about what others think of me because my appearance was different due to wearing hearing aids. As I have continued to mature, I have improved my self-confidence.  I have come to realize that I am not the only one that has a hearing impairment.”

“I was given something extremely unique for a reason. During my early years, I wasn’t able to comprehend that all things happen for a reason, but I can now say that I have found my purpose in life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this disability, or as I would call it, a continuous opportunity to bring focus to those who have a disability. I will never give up on trying my best to influence those who need the most encouragement to overcome any and all obstacles that are placed in their path.”

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