Audiologist Helps Children Hear in Burkina Faso

Dr. Martha Takata Mission TripDr. Martha Takata, Audiologist at Chears Audiology in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, volunteered on a hearing mission trip this January in Burkina Faso, a land-locked country located in western Africa.  Dr. Takata volunteered in one of the poorest districts of Burkina Faso at a training medical center sponsored by Emsimision.

In a blog post prior to her trip, Dr. Takata writes, “My original motivation to become an audiologist was to help people with hearing loss. I’m excited for this chance to put my training to work for those who otherwise would never get a chance to hear.”

Well, she sure did make a difference! ReSound provided her group with 40 hearing aids BurkinaFasoand 3,000 batteries to fit children with hearing loss at a deaf school in Burkina. All in all, her group was able to fit 20 children with hearing aids, 11 binaurally and 9 monaurally.  Dr. Takata also was responsible for training a local man to fit and follow up with the children after the mission team leaves.

The group sponsored through Emsimision consisted of 42 people this year.  Most were doctors or medical students. Dr. Takata adds, “One of the most exciting things they did was to perform cataract surgery on many Burkinabe people. It was a real privilege to be a part of making blind people see and deaf people hear!”

Enjoy these inspiring pictures from her mission trip!

ReSound Verso Fitting Burkina Mission

Burkina Mission ReSound Hearing AidsDr Takata emsimision Grou

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  1. Hi there! I’m a pursuing grad school next year in Audiology and will be traveling to Burkina Faso this November for work (nonprofit). During my time there, I am hoping to connect with Audiologists who are working over there or have worked over there. If possible, I would love to connect with Dr. Martha Takata. Or, if you have connections that would be helpful as I pursue gaining experiences internationally.

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