Get Your Hearing Aid Batteries On A Stick!

state-fairIt’s that time of year again when we all turn out for the great Minnesota get-together – the State Fair (Aug 22 – Sep 2).  This year, ReSound has once again donated hundreds of hearing aid batteries on a stick to the Minnesota Academy of Audiology.

Visit the MN Academy of Audiology booth at the Health Fair 11 batteries-on-a-stickexhibit to pick up your free hearing aid batteries on a stick.  The exhibit is located at the intersection of Dan Patch and Cooper.

For a small fee, the following audiology services will also be available at the booth:

  • Video Otoscopy: the audiologist will show you your own eardrum on a TV and inspect the health of your ear canal and eardrum. Yes you may see some earwax but don’t worry, it is natural for everyone to have in their ear canal!
  • Hearing Screening: the audiologist will perform a brief screen of your hearing in a small booth. Due to background noise in the building and time, a full diagnostic test is not possible. However, if the audiologist is concerned about hearing loss he or she will recommend you be seen for a full diagnostic test at an audiologist’s office near you.

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