Win a Grant at the ReSound AudiologyNOW! Party

If you attended the 2012 AudiologyNOW! convention and came to ReSound’s Revolution Party, you may remember the drawing we held for an audiology student to win a ReSound scholarship. This year, we’re offering 3 grants for dispensers or students to spend on continuing education or mission trips.

Last year, Kyle Clifton was the lucky winner of the scholarship. Here’s what he has to say about the experience and what the scholarship has meant to him.

kyle-clifton2The Boston, AudiologyNow 2012 convention was the first of many conferences and professional meetings I have and will attend through my professional career as an audiologist.  You all may remember the great presentations, amazing exhibit hall and of course the extravagant party hosted by ReSound.

This party had everything, including: delicious food and drinks, an entertaining 80’s cover band and the company of hundreds of amazingly fun audiologists. The club was decked out with tons of glow lights that provided a party atmosphere to go along with the great music and dancing. However, all of this is not what I remember most about the ReSound party. This is because I was the fortunate student to receive the $3000 scholarship. You know the phrase everyone always says, “I never win anything?” That is exactly what was going through my mind when my lucky number 27 was called. That night could not have been any more perfect.

Kyle Clifton being presented with the Scholarship by ReSound's President, Kimberly Herman.
Kyle Clifton being presented with the Scholarship by ReSound’s President, Kimberly Herman.

Winning that scholarship has been such an awesome experience. This scholarship allowed me to focus solely on my studies as well as complete my doctoral research project in a timely manner instead of needing to find a part time job or take out more student loans. The financial support I received helped alleviate the stress involved with the high costs of graduate level courses. I am truly thankful to the people of ReSound for their contribution to help students like myself. With the support received from my family, the University of South Florida audiology faculty/students and ReSound, I am looking forward to finishing my degree and entering this incredible profession as a Doctor of Audiology.

Learn more about MOMENTOUS! By ReSound, this year’s party at AudiologyNOW!

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  1. Way to go Kyle! It has been a pleasure working with you during your externship and I look forward to many great things from you as an audiologist.

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