Innovations in Health Care

The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone was featured in this month’s issue of Twin Cities Business Magazine. The Mini Microphone was highlighted as an innovation in health care for its ability to help hearing impaired individuals hear better in noisy environments.

Kevin Mensink, VP of Marketing at Resound, was interviewed for this article.  “It’s the first device to fully capitalize on the promise of wireless technology,” he says.  He explained that while other wireless devices are available on the market, they require the user to wear a streaming device around their neck. “Hearing impaired people prefer not to draw attention to themselves in this way.”

Feedback to the Unite Mini Microphone (and accompanying ReSound Alera hearing aid) has been extremely positive.  “They can be used by 95% of people with hearing loss,” says Mensink.  “It’s not uncommon to hear them say, ‘That’s the first time I’ve heard my wife in six or seven years!'”

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