Fitting Alera – Feedback from the Experts

As we’re always looking for feedback from those of you in the field fitting ReSound hearing aids, we recently posted on SoCal Sonus’ Facebook page to gather feedback on Alera.  Here’s what hearing care professionals at Sonus had to say about their experiences fitting Alera.

  • I have a demo model of the Remote Microphone Alera 9. I wore it in the car with the windows down last week and was amazed at how little wind noise I heard…probably less than my unaided passenger! It has great sound quality too. That’s a really cool product…
  • I have fit several patients with Alera hearing aids, and they really appreciate the cable-free fittings. They are also impressed with how natural their hearing sounds using Alera hearing aids. Great product!!!
  • I enjoy the wireless fitting capabilities, but my patients think the sound quality is fantastic. They’re impressed with the small size and comfort of the RIC in their ear. Most say they forget they’re wearing them. I also have some patients with the remote microphone and they are reporting very good results in noise and reduced wind noise with the unique placement of the remote mic.

Do you have a patient story to share?  We’d love to hear it!

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