Want to know about the next era of hearing and connectivity?

Learn about ReSound Nexia hearing aids and how Auracast broadcast audio, a new Bluetooth capability, and Intel can enrich your hearing and open up a new world of socializing, connecting, streaming…

Talking to you about ReSound NexiaTM hearing aids feels exciting. That’s because we believe that ReSound Nexia represents the next era of hearing – bringing people closer and helping them feel more connected than ever.

How? Well, one of the main reasons is that ReSound Nexia supports both Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) Audio and also new AuracastTM broadcast audio, the future of connectivity that enables users to stay in touch with the world of audio experiences around them.

Auracast broadcast audio is being talked about everywhere

If you wear hearing aids, you likely already stream audio to them and use Bluetooth® technology in your daily life to connect with people, work, or entertainment. Now, Auracast™ broadcast audio is set to expand the connectivity experience and take it to another level. You can access new streaming and communication opportunities when you’re out in public places, with higher sound quality and significantly lower battery consumption, so your enjoyment doesn’t drain away.  

What you can stream and where

As Auracast™ broadcast audio becomes available in different places, you will be able to:

  • Tune into a silent TV at the gym, in waiting rooms and at conference centers
  • Hear service announcements from public address systems at the train station or the airport, at places of worship and hospitals
  • Stream information and historical stories (in different languages) as you visit museums and tourist attractions, and the live music at concerts or the audio at the movies
  • The list goes on…

A big social impact

Did you know that 4 out of 5 people restrict how and where they socialize due to their hearing changing? And… while hybrid working is increasing, 1/3 of people with changes to their hearing avoid noisy coffee shops or restaurants for business meetings as it can be problematic to hear colleagues or business contacts in person or online. Perhaps this resonates with you? We, along with Bluetooth SIG, want to help and change things.

Ken Kolderup, Chief Marketing Officer for the Bluetooth SIG, says: “During all stages of life, communication and good hearing health connect us to each other, our communities, and our world. We are thrilled to see GN Hearing, a Bluetooth SIG member company, introduce innovative hearing solutions that leverage LE Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio to help increase accessibility and promote better living through better hearing for everyone.”

You can look forward to this

If you have mild to profound hearing loss and wear ReSound Nexia hearing aids, you can simultaneously connect to multiple enabled devices at once – like mobile devices,  tablets, and computers – and enjoy hands-free calls*. Stream audio, such as music, podcasts, and audiobooks, whenever you want.  And… you will be able to tap into Auracast™ broadcast audio opportunities, which will keep growing in the future:

  • Always stay in the loop by hearing important announcements, tuning into silent TVs, and accessing information, news, or audio when you go out to public places
  • Be a broadcaster or DJ by sharing your listening experience with your family and friends

What you want to hear will be streamed directly to your ears through ReSound Nexia hearing aids, which are top-rated for hearing in noise and smaller than ever.

*Works with ReSound Nexia and compatible mobile devices with Bluetooth 5.3 or later.

When you fancy a night in

For movie nights and the ultimate TV experience, there is the TV-Streamer+, which also supports Auracast™ broadcast audio. It sends the clearest streamed sound to your hearing aids and gives immediate speech clarity at your preferred volume.

For hybrid working

Laptop user? ReSound Nexia will now be able to seamlessly connect with Bluetooth LE audio enabled laptops powered by Intel. Eric McLaughlin, General Manager and Vice President, Wireless Solutions Group at Intel, explains more: “Bluetooth® LE Audio is poised to transform communication, collaboration, and entertainment audio experiences for laptop users. As part of the ‘Engineered for Intel Evo’ laptop accessory program2, Intel and GN Hearing is designed to greatly improve the user experience when connecting hearing aids to Intel Evo laptops.”

ReSound Nexia represents a significant leap forward in hearing aid technology – and with it, you can welcome your own next era of hearing. We were curious to hear how Scott Davis, our President, Hearing division, describes the next era: “We want people to feel confident in noisy environments again. By delivering top-rated hearing in noise and supporting the incredible streaming capabilities of Auracast™ broadcast audio, ReSound Nexia will redefine the hearing aid experience and empower users to fully engage with the world around them.”

The future of connectivity is here. We're ready. Are you?

Explore ReSound Nexia now. 

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2 thoughts on “Want to know about the next era of hearing and connectivity?”

  1. Is there any chance in your future plans to have a true blu tooth hearing aid, like air pods? I’ve tried the device you sell, but it’s not effective for me.

    1. Hi Bill. Thank you for reaching out to us. In fact, ReSound hearing aids are “true” Bluetooth hearing aids. Nexia will carry the latest Bluetooth iterations, Bluetooth Low Energy Audio. Can you please send us a direct message with more information via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gnresound/ or through an email to HearSay@gnresound.com on why they are not effective for you? We’d love to try to help. Thank you so much!

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