Sounds of Summer

Summer is officially here! For many, summertime spells vacation. But something that shouldn’t take a vacation is your hearing protection!

Summer time activities can expose you to some high decibel levels, so make sure to have your hearing protection handy for some of these standard summer fare.

Taking care of the yard: Who doesn’t want a well-manicured lawn? Well, mowing the grass with a power lawn mower can reach up to 100 dB. That’s similar to the decibel level of a jackhammer.

Going fishing: Fishing itself is a calm, relaxing way to spend the day. However, use of a large outboard motor can reach decibel levels of 100 dB. That’s similar to a Boeing 707 at one nautical mile distance away prior to landing.

Rocking out: Outdoor concerts and music festivals are synonymous with summertime. Some of those festivals can reach upwards of 120 dB. At that level, it’s similar to listening to a thunderclap or chainsaw.

Celebrating America’s Birthday: Fourth of July is right around the corner, and that of course means fireworks! Fireworks are a staple of Independence Day, but proper hearing protection is a must when lighting fireworks. At a distance of three feet, certain fireworks can reach up 150 dB. That’s similar to a jet taking off from a distance of 25 meters away.

Make sure to protect your ears, and have safe, fun summer!RS_LT_Ladies_beach_waves_Landscape_YTube

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