Walking in a winter wonderland

We recently mentioned that our national parks celebrated their 100th birthday and shared tips on how to experience sounds that you don’t hear anywhere else. We hope you were able to get out and experience the unique sounds and landscapes. If you’re more of a “walking in a winter wonderland” type of person, we’ve got you covered!

Wilderness.org put together a list of the 20 prettiest national parks in the winter and you can use the National Park Service’s Find a National Park to locate a national park close to you.

Winter may be a perfect time to visit the more popular spots to take in the sounds, as attendance tends to decrease with the temperatures. One of the sounds you may hear amongst the serene scenery is the snow beneath your feet.

Can’t hear the snow crackling anymore? Take our free online hearing test of visit a hearing care professional and have your hearing checked.gettyimages-171590965

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