Smart Hearing – Designed for personalization.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could adjust the volume of your hearing aids without calling attention to them? Or adjust the bass and treble without visiting your hearing care professional? ReSound Smart Hearing brings you the ReSound Smart app, designed for you to personalize your hearing experience with ease.

Adjust volume, treble and bass on the go, create favorite programs and activate them as your enter a new listening environment, all without having to touch – and draw attention to – your hearing aids.

What about the last time you misplaced your hearing aids? We know it’s happened to most of you… With ReSound Smart Hearing you can find your hearing aids with the easy-to-use Finder of the ReSound Smart app.

With the ReSound Smart app your hearing aid settings are as unique as you are and managed by you!

 …Isn’t that Smart?

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7 thoughts on “Smart Hearing – Designed for personalization.”

  1. Yes, I love the ability to personalize my settings. As a trainer/facilitator, some rooms I need to boost the volume. As a guitarist, I have a personalized favorite that adjusts the treble. Fantastico! Thank you ReSound!

  2. Ralph Coolbaugh

    How about making the Airlink 2 available to the public so we can tweek our audio profile outselves without umpteen visits to have someone that can’t hear what I’m hearing have to guess at it!

    This is why if I ever need replacements the first feature I shop for will be home programmability … I WILL NOT go with ReSound again!

    1. Hi Ralph, thank you for contacting ReSound. We’re sorry that you feel that way, but the reason our fitting software is only available to the licensed hearing care professionals is to prevent untrained people from causing more or irreparable harm to their, or someone else’s hearing.

      However, we can certainly understand your frustration about having to make multiple appointments with your hearing care professional to have minor adjustments done. That is one of the reason we created ReSound Assist for our new ReSound LiNX 3D Smart Hearing aids. It allows for you to have your hearing aids settings fine-tuned – from anywhere You can learn more about ReSound Assist here:

      1. Ralph Coolbaugh

        I’m sorry … BUT, there are now plenty of other options that DO provide the ability to tune their own hearing aids, and at a far lower cost. I have only had these LS961-DRW hearing aids for a few months, yet as far as I can tell they are not compatible with your “Resound Assist” … and I am not going to pay another exorbitant fee to upgrade them.

        Your responsiveness to customers is underwhelming … but your dedication to profit is first rate.
        (No, I do NOT buy your argument about damaging my hearing).

  3. Finally got my Airlink2 …. in one weekend I’ve made more improvement to my hearing quality than 4 months of visits to the audiologist!

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