Smart Hearing – Designed for connection.


When you think about the reason you decided to get hearing aids, does it have anything to do with reconnecting with your loved ones and the world around you? We thought it might.

ReSound Smart Hearing recognizes that you want to be connected to the world around you – and your loved ones – in the same way that you used to. That’s why we’ve created an ecosystem of wireless connectivity options to make sure you’re plugged in and connected no matter what.

Imagine stereo sound from your favorite music or movie, streamed directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, making a phone or video call with a loved one, or listening to your favorite sounds – all without worrying about wires or something hanging around your neck. ReSound Smart Hearing aids are Made for iPhone, which means they connect with most Apple devices and stream sound directly into your hearing aids.

ReSound Smart Hearing also offers wireless accessories such as the TV Streamer 2, Multi Mic and Micro Mic that allow you steam sound from your TV or extend the listening range of your hearing aids.

No matter the situation or environment, you can tune in to the world around you.

…Isn’t that Smart?

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3 thoughts on “Smart Hearing – Designed for connection.”

  1. Make my Calas even smarter by allowing them to link via Bluetooth to my iMac so that I can access my large music library on iTunes and other sources, like YouTube.

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