Smart Hearing – Designed for comfort.


Think about all the things you put on in the morning before you go out the door. Clothes, jewelry, eye glasses, a watch. The items serve their purpose, but allow you to forget about them. The same goes for hearing aids. Smart Hearing aids deliver comfort and durability that allows you to go about your day without interfering with it.

Looking for a hearing aid that fits discreetly in your ear without interfering with your eyeglasses? Or do you want one that sits over your ear in bright red? Either way, ReSound Smart Hearing has a hearing aid designed to fit you comfortably. We have a full range of modern, discreet hearing aids that are small in size but big on listening comfort and sound quality.

Plus, all styles stand up to the punishment of everyday life. Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, every component is coated with iSolateTM nanotech inside and out to repel moisture, dust, sweat and earwax – all substances that can cause corrosion.

…Isn’t that Smart?

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