August 1 is Respect for Parent’s Day. What does Respect Sound Like?

August 1 is Respect for Parents day. What’s not to like about that? What a safe, inoffensive holiday, right?

Three generations of an African American family outdoors

And yet for aging parents with hearing loss, respect can be a difficult balance – especially as their relationships with their children change. Our best relationships always involve the give and take of conversation at normal conversation levels. If we constantly raise our voice to be heard, the simple exchanges that mark our interactions can seem to require extra effort. And sometimes extra effort can look like exasperation–or even disrespect.

We know that every 10dB drop in hearing sensitivity ups the odds of social isolation.  So even if communication takes more work, it is still worth it. Extra effort may mean slowing slow your speech or facing your parent and speaking as distinctly as possible. There may be extra effort involved with locating a hearing solution. As a hearing aid manufacturer, that’s where we can help. We are eager for everyone to rediscover the joys of hearing because we know hearing is a vital link we all depend on to connect with each other.

From our perspective, respect sounds like clear conversation—the kind that keeps people connected for years.

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