Don’t let Hearing Loss Crash your Summer Vacation Plans

Planning a getaway before the end of summer? If you have hearing loss, chances are your vacation plans—even your vacation expectations—may revolve around that. Vacations are typically dedicated to relaxing and maybe exploring a new place. But if your plans include a noisy city, or a tour around town, you may need to take steps now to get the most of the experience then.

Schedule that hearing exam you’ve been putting off. Do it now so hearing loss does not compromise your time away. Or perhaps you’ve noticed a change in what you need your hearing aids to do. Now is the time for a tune-up or fitting adjustment.

At ReSound, we’re all for people rediscovering the joy of hearing. We’ve talked about a number of our smart solutions on these pages, but we’re also quick to say that rediscovering hearing starts with those necessary first steps of a thorough, professional exam. And then following through on the advice offered – whether it be hearing aids or continuing to wear hearing protection when necessary.

That’s because hearing keeps us connected to each other and to what is going on around us. Our best connections are both relaxing and help us form new connections—even when we are on vacation.

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