These are not your Grandpa’s hearing aids

But don’t worry – you’re Grandpa can definitely wear them!

When you think of hearing aids, do you picture bulky, whistling contraptions that only work occasionally? Then your memory is due for an upgrade. Because ReSound Smart Hearing has changed the world of hearing aids, and it’s for the better.

1503_RS_FBImage_BinuralDirection_403x403In fact, Smart Hearing aids work well in almost any situation, from noisy restaurants to windy golf courses and everything in between. They’re discreet and won’t whistle when you go in for a hug. And, the addition of Bluetooth technology and connections to your smart phone have added another layer of cool technology.

A recent article from the Baylor College of Medicine notes how new technology, especially Bluetooth-equipped hearing aids, are helping people stay connected. Previous generations required wearing another bulky device around your neck.

Now, “you can stream music and phone calls directly to your hearing aids,” says Dr. Lauren Placke.

ReSound hearing aids using Bluetooth technology also  make adjusting hearing simpler and even less conspicuous: just open the ReSound Smart app and turn your volume up or down.

Those old whistling contraptions and bulky devices around your neck are long gone. And that’s a good thing.

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4 thoughts on “These are not your Grandpa’s hearing aids”

  1. I have a question concerning sound quality I need to get answered.

    Most of the time my Enzo2 988s provide clear streaming between my iphone 6+ (iOS 10) and the aids themselves. Sometimes, however, if I am on a conference call with many participants (some of whom may be using Voice over IP) or talking to a call center in another country, the sound clarity becomes muddled and hard to understand. Can you tell me how to fix this problem? I work on the phone all day long and there’s an issue with the Bluetooth streaming straight to the hearing aid under some circumstances as described above.

    If I use the phone clip — which I don’t want to do — it seems to work well all the time. I also never had problems using my old BT streamer in the past.

    Can you help please?

    1. Hello Drew,
      Thanks for reaching out to us. We would suggest un-pairing and repairing with a fresh set of batteries. On your phone, go to: settings – general – accessibility – hearing aids/devices – tap on your name/model of hearing aids – tap “forget this device” and confirm by tapping “forget” again – Open your hearing aid battery doors for a few seconds and then reclose them – when the name of your hearing aid appears again, tap on the name – accept all pairing requests
      If the un-pairing and repairing doesn’t solve the issue, please call us at 1-888-735-4327, choose option 1 and we’d be happy to help further troubleshoot.

  2. 20 years ago I had a pair of CIC hearing aids that had a small remote control to discreetly switch programs or adjust the volume. Does Resound offer anything like this in CIC styles so one doesn’t have to put their finger into their ear to make adjustments?

    1. Hi Marcos, thank you contacting ReSound. We don’t have a traditional CIC hearing aid with the features you are looking for, however we do have a Mic-In-Helix Smart Hearing aid. This product has the CIC style body with a remote mic discreetly located within the natural curves of your ear. This allows for increased sound quality in high frequencies and protection from wind noise. The Mic-In-Helix Smart Hearing aid can be used with our Remote Control 2, which would allow you to make adjustments without having to put your finger in your ear.
      It is also Made for iPhone compatible, allowing for direct audio streaming from your iPad, iPhone or iPad directly into your hearing aid and can be adjusted discreetly on your iPhone. If you’re interested in the Mic-In-Helix, please contact your hearing care professional or visit to find a hearing care professional for near you.

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