The Henry Ford of … Smart Hearing

On the morning of June 4, 1896 Henry Ford took an axe to the doorway of a shed where he had been building his “Quadricycle.” His invention was too wide to fit through the door for the first test drive. But smashing the doorway was a small price to pay to get Ford’s first motor car out for spin down Detroit’s Grand River Avenue.

Henry Ford’s Quadricycle was not the next big thing. But it was the beginning of a set of ideas that would change everything. Ford did not invent the automobile, nor did he invent the assembly line, but Ford’s business model changed everything, as they say.

Whatever you feel about the automobile, it is clear the auto quickly became the go-to tool for tooling about this wide land.

In a similar way, ReSound’s focus on Smart Hearing makes a way for many people to enjoy the benefits of truly personalized hearing help. With the availability of smart phones and apps, today’s Smart Hearing aids are helping many more people go more places than they would have before. People using ReSound Smart Hearing aids are able to tune into conversations and adjust for restaurant noise or wind outside—effortlessly, with a touch of a smartphone screen.

Like Henry Ford, our dream is that Smart Hearing aids will help many rediscover hearing.

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