The Benefits of Catching Hearing Loss Early

Ignoring hearing loss has a cost.

May is Better Hearing and Speech month so it is a good to remind ourselves that recognizing hearing loss is a first step to finding a hearing solution. The earlier we recognize loss the better—especially for children. That’s why a newborn screening test is standard protocol in most hospitals.

In an Italian study on brain plasticity, researchers found the brain has an amazing response to missing or failing senses: it enhances those senses that remain. In particular, younger people with hearing loss may have brains that respond by finding ways to boost other senses.

“It appears that the reorganization in the brain is much more important in early deaf people,” said Olivier Collignon, associate professor at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences at the University of Trento in Italy and research associate at the National Fund for Scientific Research in Belgium. (Via Horizon Magazine)

The study is aimed at improving our understanding of when clinical interventions such as cochlear implants can offer the best prospects of helping deaf people to hear. But the study also hints at the benefits of taking an early approach to finding hearing solutions, suggesting the sooner we apply the solution, the more efficient our brain may make use of the solution.

Think it’s time for you to get your hearing tested? Click here to find a hearing care professional near you.

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1 Response to The Benefits of Catching Hearing Loss Early

  1. Maggie says:

    It’s so interesting that treating hearing loss earlier can lead to a better restoration of hearing. If that’s the case, then I definitely think that annual ear exams are a must. Not only would that get you to a solution more quickly, but it would also detect problems before they become too severe. After all, mild damage is probably easier to treat than something much more developed.

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