6 Things to Expect at Your First Hearing Evaluation

Having your hearing checked for the first time? Congratulations! A hearing evaluation is a great first step toward hearing health. But you may wonder what happens at a comprehensive hearing evaluation. Well, typically six things:

  1. Medical and Hearing History: After you fill out a few forms, your hearing care professional will ask about your medical and hearing history.
  2. Physical Ear Exam: Expect your hearing care professional to look into both ear canals to check their general health. They will also remove earwax if necessary.
  3. Comprehensive Hearing Test: Your hearing care professional will use advanced testing equipment to measure your hearing. He or she wants to determine where loss has occurred and to what degree. He or she will also measure your ability to understand speech clearly.
  4. Hearing Device Demonstration: You may try on hearing aids to experience today’s advanced technology. Your hearing care professional may demonstrate some basic device functionality. But don’t worry: today’s hearing aids are getting simpler and smarter all the time.
  5. Needs and Lifestyle Assessment: Your hearing care professional will ask you (and your companion if you have one) a variety of questions to better understand your lifestyle and what listening situations trouble you most. This step is very helpful in getting a hearing recommendation tailored to your needs.
  6. Results Review and Treatment: Your hearing care professional will review results of both your hearing test and needs assessment. If necessary, together you’ll choose a treatment option to improve your hearing.

Simple and straightforward. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to have a comprehensive hearing test!

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