Let Your Ears Goof Off!

Give your ears a spa day.

iStock_000025717068_SmallEveryone knows that March 22 is national Goof Off Day. It’s a day dedicated to neglecting work and being entirely useless and unproductive. What’s that? Your boss has not mentioned this holiday? Strange.

But even if you don’t officially waste the day doing nothing, make sure to give your ears the opportunity to do nothing. Your ears are two of the hardest working parts of your body. Much of life, most or your relationships,work, play and entertainment come at you through your ears.

Did you know you need to take care of your ears? Your hearing needs to be protected because hearing is not guaranteed. Too many decibels for too long—and for too many years—can take its toll.

So on National Goof Off day, consider going to an aural spa—even if only for a few moments. Take a break from your usual thrasher playlist and tune into Yanni—just to give your ears a break. Or perhaps click over to Noisli and spend an hour listening to waterfalls and chirping birds. If you start to nod off, bring in some of the coffeehouse chatter.

Most of us don’t worry about ears—or even consider them at all—until we start to experience hearing loss. And that’s too bad, because hearing loss tends to be accumulated over years. So a few simple steps like turning earbuds down can save a lot of pain later.

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