Is Work Hurting Your Hearing?

If you work in agriculture, forestry, fishing or hunting, the answer may be “Yes.”

A recent NIOSH study analyzed data on hearing conditions among workers who were exposed to elevated levels of occupational noise. They found that 23 percent of workers exposed to occupational noise had hearing difficulty, whereas 7 percent of workers had hearing difficulty despite not being exposed to occupational noise.  Certain workers are at higher risks, like those in agriculture, forestry, fishing or hunting. Manufacturing works face higher risks for both tinnitus and hearing difficulty.

Industrial worker in manufacturing plant grinding to finish a pipeline

“Hearing loss can greatly impact a worker’s overall health and well-being,” NIOSH Director John Howard said. Read the full abstract here.

If you think work may be affecting your hearing, make sure to wear ear protection. Also look into having you hearing checked. Find a professional near you today!

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