Expand your hearing experience with the ReSound Smart Hearing system

ReSound helps you rediscover hearing with solutions that allow you to live a rich, active and fulfilling life unaffected by hearing loss. As the only hearing aid manufacturer that offers a complete solution of integrated wireless connectivity, these devices allow you to stream audio, personalize your sound and control your hearing aids without the need for an intermediary device.

The latest additions to our Smart Hearing™ system of wireless connectivity, the ReSound Micro Mic and ReSound Multi Mic, enable you to connect to the world’s smartest hearing aids*, and feel confident that you won’t miss a beat in conversation.


ReSound Micro Mic (available Spring 2016)

Extremely easy to use, the ReSound Micro Mic pairs to ReSound Smart Hearing aids* in seconds. Clip it on the person you want to talk to and enjoy the conversation, even in background noise – and you can still hear them even if they are more than 80 feet away.


ReSound Multi Mic

Works like the ReSound Micro Mic, with the same hearing range of more than 80 feet, but also doubles as a table microphone, so you can hear everyone sitting around it. It’s compatible with loop and FM systems**, and even has a line-in so you can stream virtually any sound directly to your hearing aids.

Visit www.resound.com/wirelessconnectivity to learn more or www.resound.com/findaprofessional to find a hearing care professional near you.

* Compatible with ReSound wireless hearing aids
** FM receiver required

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1 thought on “Expand your hearing experience with the ReSound Smart Hearing system”

  1. The performance of all hearing aids is a compromise no matter how good the results are not a patch on real hearing,that was until the advent of the Multi Mic. This piece of equipment to me provides a connection between the hearing aid and the wearer of the Mic that is far better than ordinary hearing. To have the wearer of the Multi talking right inside my head is beyond explanation.
    Think I am exaggerating,try it for yourself. The result from the TV streamer,iPad and receiving calls via mobile are every bit as good.
    By the way l cannot hear anything without hearing aides.
    I have had every model available from N H S none of them are even a half match for the REsound hearing aids. This new technology is a real breakthrough for the hard of hearing, what will happen over the few years will be most interesting.
    For those with only a moderate loss the most of the equipment available today will be quite adequate but for me and the likes future developments are to be considered with enthusiasm.
    Arm 987

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