Smart Hearing Thanks National Inventor’s Day

Let us pause today to thank Jack Kilby.


Mr. Kilby filed for a patent on February 6, 1959. His thought was that he could integrate the elements of a circuit on as few materials as possible. Mr. Kilby’s invention, the integrated circuit, was the beginning of electronics as we now know it. ReSound’s Smart Hearing aids owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Kilby and his colleague Robert Noyce. We remember these particular two on National Inventor’s day (February 11), since without the integrated circuit there would be no Smart Hearing as ReSound has known and practiced it.

The integrated circuit, along with ongoing miniaturization, allows for hearing aids that are all but invisible. ReSound’s Smart Hearing aids help triangulate sound so someone with hearing loss can know which direction the sound is coming from.  They also include binaural directionality that helps ensure you can understand every word of a conversation by supporting your brain’s natural ability to process sounds.

Remarkable steps forward in hearing have come from the work of Kilby and Noyce.

We tip our hat to them.

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