Helping Those With Usher Syndrome Hear

21-year-old Molly Watt, a motivational speaker from the UK, and 32-year-old Michael Howard, an electrical engineer from Virginia, may not appear to have much in common. But Molly and Michael share one thing: both live with Usher Syndrome – a rare genetic condition that causes hearing and vision loss.

Recently, both Molly and Michael were fit with ReSound LiNX2™ hearing aids to help address their hearing loss. Both have been blown away by how the top-rated sound quality and easy personalization offered by ReSound Smart Hearing has changed their lives.

Molly Watt
Molly Watt

Molly has been wearing hearing aids since she was 18 months old, but when her vision began to decline at the age of 12, her hearing aids became much more important. With her previous hearing aids, Molly experienced something that many hearing aid wearers can relate to – the devices only amplified the sounds around her, which left conversation in crowded environments difficult and localization of sounds nearly impossible.

Since being fit with ReSound LiNX2 in May, Molly has experienced hearing like she never has before. For the first time, she can tell if sounds are behind or next to her, supporting her safety in busy environments. While phone conversations were previously out of the question, the direct streaming of calls to her hearing aids allows Molly to stay better connected to friends and family. The power of ReSound’s Smart Hearing solutions has given her an unprecedented level of confidence – so much so that she feels comfortable traveling to London alone to meet friends. On her blog, Molly regularly details how the ReSound Smart™ app and her ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids make living with Usher Syndrome easier.

Michael Howard
Michael Howard

Michael was also first fit with his ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids in May. Due to his Usher Syndrome, Michael has worn hearing aids since he was three, but before ReSound LiNX2 they were bulky, required an intermediary device for streaming, and left gaps in what Michael could hear. Between the convenience of the ReSound Smart app on his iPhone and Apple Watch and the amazing sound quality of his ReSound LiNX2 devices, Michael says he could never go back to his old hearing aids. Recently, Michael shared how his life has changed as a result of ReSound’s Smart Hearing solutions with Virginia-based newspaper The Daily Press.

As the leader in Smart Hearing technology, ReSound continues to push the envelope for what is available for people with hearing loss, allowing them to experience the world with a level of freedom and independence that was previously impossible. We are thrilled to be able to give Molly, Michael, and millions of other people worldwide the gift of effortless hearing.

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