Her Hearing Aid Provides Far Less—And Lucy Couldn’t Be Happier

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Lucy with her Audiologist Dino Dell’Orletta

Lucy is mother of two and makes her home north of Barrie, Ontario, Canada with her husband and family. Lucy has only 15% of her hearing and has had a mixed history with hearing aid fittings—even super power hearing aids. Under some conditions the hearing aids did well, but always managed to allow some distracting sounds through. With ReSound ENZO, Lucy is able to hear more—and sometimes less—than previous hearing aids.

“The sound quality is amazing,” says Lucy. For instance, previous hearing aids always amplified background noise: the refrigerator humming, the car engine, vents in the house. The hearing aids would pick up everything. In fact, Lucy would often miss the doorbell because of the refrigerator humming. And before ReSound ENZO she still found herself asking people to repeat things because of the loud background noise.

But with ReSound ENZO, all that has changed. After a careful audiology assessment with audiologist Dino Dell’Orletta (The Hearing Clinic, Barrie, ON), Lucy was fitted with the ReSound Enzo. The ReSound Smart app allows Lucy to adjust the bass and treble with the swipe of a finger. By turning the bass all the way down she can “tune out the fridge,” which eliminates a great deal of background noise when at home. And in the car she uses the app to tune out the car engine and can now hear her daughters talking in the back seat. Oh, and she can hear the traffic around her, which is, of course, useful when driving.

Lucy makes great use of the programs set by her audiologist in the ReSound Smart app. She has a program for the car that drowns out background noise while still letting her converse with others. Another program allows her to hear speech better and another that makes sound clearer when talking on the telephone. The ReSound Smart app lets her make adjustments easily and inconspicuously in a group or at noisy places like a restaurant.

In fact, Lucy is hearing noises she’s never heard before. On a recent walk through their rural neighborhood—a place they have lived for 15 years—Lucy turned to husband and asked about the tapping noise.

“That’s a woodpecker,” he said. “Look right there.”

“And I saw it and heard at the same time,” said Lucy. “That was new for me.”

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4 thoughts on “Her Hearing Aid Provides Far Less—And Lucy Couldn’t Be Happier”

  1. Lucy,
    I am so happy for you! I sure wish that could be my story. I have difficulty in noise and hearing humming etc. I have had the Resound Linx 2 for awhile but it is not doing well for me. Maybe I should switch to the Enzo too!

  2. These hearing sucks sucks what they thinking for us wait until get stronger, I don’t like these hearing aid what waste money i spend on these it make wierd noise when near some electronic machine and when you click on telephone when talking on the phone i echo when i talk on the phone, and it ding ding tell low battieres you know how annoying that is when you are talking to someone. if ingore it ding ding again it soo darn annoying… what they thinking changing hearing model smh, since I been wearing hearing aid since I was 4 years old. I like on and off button, since all hearing are make like this they are trying to make like i phone stuff which not everyone can afford I phone hello, i feel still in fog with these hearing aid why would do that deaf person how they know they not deaf duh!!! if you are wearing a 12 years old hearing aid keep them these new hearing aid sucksssss. I have nothing good to say about these aids,

  3. Hi Jan,
    Thank you for your comments. The Linx 2 does the same job as the Enzo except that the Enzo is more powerful. You should try to see your audiologist about adjusting your Linx so you don’t have difficulty in noise and remove humming.However,if you have severe-profound hearing loss the Enzo might be better for you. I hope you will have a satisfactory outcome either way. Good luck.


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