ReSound LiNX Provides a Sense of Control

ReSound LiNX

ReSound LiNX™

As a specialist in reading and learning disabilities, Dr. Paul Melmed knew well the signs of hearing loss along with the role that hearing played in learning. In fact, he had had a hearing aid since 2003, but when his wife and kids more recently started saying “Dad, Dad–you can’t hear,” he knew he had to do something.

Dr. Melmed, founder and director and Melmed Learning Clinics in Northern California had worked with children from Pre-Kindergarten all the way to High School, and knew well that hearing loss can be a factor in causing some people to lose focus. And from his own experience, he also knew hearing loss can lead to “reclusive, depressive, avoidance-seeking” behaviors. And he wanted none of that.

Dr. Melmed worked with an audiologist to identify the hearing loss and find the right hearing aid for him. The audiologist was concerned about speech discrimination and intelligibility. So, in the Spring of 2014 he was fitted with ReSound LiNX.

“It has made a significant change in my hearing,” said Dr. Melmed. “And has literally changed my life because of the work I do and the situations I am in. I have a lot of demands for good hearing.”

Changing the volume easily was a critical feature that Dr. Melmed looked for. ReSound LiNX also allows him adapt to different hearing environments. It was important to have a hearing aid that let him participate with his grandchildren whom he saw several times a week, but who come with a “lot of noise and a lot of activity.”

Dr. Melmed feels like he finally has a solid answer to the question of hearing loss. “The [ReSound] LiNX has literally changed my life,” he said. And he wants to help others understand how much the quality of life can be improved. Plus he wants to get rid of the stigma associated with hearing aids.

Thank you for sharing your story, Dr Melmed!

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5 Responses to ReSound LiNX Provides a Sense of Control

  1. Gary Hitchcock says:

    Can the button on the HA be used to adjust volume?
    Using my idevice is problemstic.

    • gnresound says:

      Hi, Gary. While the button on the hearing aid can control which program you use, and the programs may have different volume levels, the button does not directly control the hearing aid volume. If you have any additional questions or would like help troubleshooting any issues you’re having adjusting volume with your phone, please contact our Consumer Technical Support team at 800-248-4327.

  2. Hannah Lee says:

    Hi! I have resound linx and have loved them but have dealt with some issues with them as well. Since I bought mine last August my Audi said resound would upgrade them. I have Resound Linx 7 and am really hoping for the 62 model. Which model will you guys likely switch mine out for?

  3. Omondi says:

    What is the cost of hearing aid,thanx

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