Community | HearCare Connection Mission in Amman, Jordan

ReSound donated hearing aids to HearCare Connection, a non-profit hearing center providing care for low-income and under-served individuals, as a part of their recent mission trip to Amman, Jordan. During the mission trip, HearCare Connection visited three different refugee camps and fit hundreds of children and adults with hearing loss.


“This young mother’s world has been quiet since five years ago when the hearing aid she shared with her three siblings broke. Because of ReSound’s support, she was able to hear her baby’s cry for the first time!”

The mission of HearCare Connection, Inc. is that no person be prevented from full participation in life due to hearing loss. As a result, they operate on a reduced fee, sliding scale basis to make hearing care affordable for all. They rely on support through grants, donations, corporate sponsorships and volunteers and utilize a unique “Circle of Giving” model which allows their patients to “give back” to the community through volunteer hours.

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“Words can’t convey how thankful we are for ReSound’s support, so we hope smiles can do the job…”

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