Everyday Sounds and How They Affect Your Hearing

Did you know that sounds louder than 85 dB can permanently damage your hearing?  Of the roughly 40 million Americans suffering from hearing loss, 10 million can be attributed to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).  Loud noises can cause immediate hearing loss or gradually contribute to hearing loss over time.


1410_FB_LeavesRustling_403x403Below is a guide to understanding every-day sounds and their decibel levels.

Totally Safe

  • Leaves rustling (0 – 20 dB)
  • Normal conversation (50 dB)
  • Moderate rainfall (50 dB)
  • Dishwashers (50 dB)
  • Traffic (60 dB)
  • Vacuum cleaners (60 dB)

Dangerous Over 30 Minutes

  • Lawn mowers (90 dB)
  • Hair dryers (90 dB)
  • Motor cycles (90 dB)
  • Personal music players at full volume (100 dB)
  • Hand drill (100 dB)
  • Concerts (110 dB)
  • Car horns (110 dB)
  • Sporting events (110 dB)

Use Hearing Protection Or Avoid

  • Siren from emergency vehicle (120 dB)
  • Jack hammers (130 dB)
  • Fireworks (140 dB)
  • Jet engine (140 dB)
  • Custom car stereos at full volume (140 dB)
  • Gunshot (140 – 190 dB)

Protect your ears!

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