“My patients were calling me to ask about ReSound LiNX!”

Stefan Harris
Stefan Harris

Stefan Harris knows about hearing aids. Not only is he a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist at Alaska Center for Ear, Nose & Throat in Anchorage, he has 46 years  of experience wearing super power hearing aids. He also knows about the “marketing mumbo jumbo” that is often used to describe them, so he was “not easily convinced” when his ReSound sales rep called about ReSound LiNX™.

Then, his phone started ringing. Patients called with requests to try ReSound LiNX, and Stefan called his ReSound sales rep back and signed up for training. He admits that he rolled his eyes when he learned that the hearing aid, partnered with an ultra-power receiver, could accommodate a severe-to-profound hearing loss like his own. After the presentation, he reluctantly agreed to try on a binaural pair of ReSound LiNX hearing aids. Despite his hearing loss, it had been years since Stefan wore a hearing aid in his right ear. Doing so made it hard to hear anything in his left ear when a place got noisy. “ReSound LiNX provided me with both clarity and power,” said Stefan, something he hadn’t experienced before.

In the days that followed, Stefan was able to test ReSound LiNX with iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® devices. “ReSound LiNX is a superb hearing aid first. The Apple connection only solidified my positive feelings for the device,” said Harris. In fact, he was so impressed with ReSound LiNX’s connectivity that he also purchased the Unite TV streamer and Mini Mic 2 – wireless accessories for ReSound LiNX. “I couldn’t believe that the Unite companion accessories didn’t require me to wear a neck-worn looping device,” Stefan later remarked.

“Users with severe-to-profound hearing losses make up such a small portion of the total hearing aid market so often times their needs get placed on the back burner when it comes to developing new technology. It’s very impressive that ReSound included the ultra-power receiver with the initial launch of ReSound LiNX,” Stefan stated.

With all the positive, Stefan still has one complaint: “Now, I guess I have to buy an iPhone. This technology is just too phenomenal!”

ReSound never tires of hearing success stories (and “complaints”!) like Stefan’s. Recently, our newest super power hearing aid, ReSound ENZO debuted, providing those with severe-to-profound hearing loss the chance at power, clarity and Made for iPhone capabilities all in one device. Visit www.resound.com/enzo  to learn more.

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