The world’s smartest hearing aids are a perfect fit for everyone.


With an entire portfolio of products, our hearing aids are a fit for everyone. Featuring our top-rated Surround Sound by ReSound technologyTM, sleek and durable design and revolutionary connectivity options, we have products that will fit you, no matter what your hearing needs are. So, without further ado, we’re excited to introduce to you the newest products in the ReSound family…

ReSound ENZO

ReSound ENZO
ReSound ENZO

ReSound ENZOTM brings smart hearing technology to people with severe and profound hearing loss for the first time. In fact, it’s the most powerful super power hearing aid available today. With top-rated sound quality, a durable design and more ways to connect to your world, it’s a hearing experience like no other. It’s also the smallest super power hearing aid on the market, featuring iSolate nanotechTM, an ultrathin polymer shield that protects against moisture, wax and dust. But, we didn’t stop there. ReSound ENZO also features Made for iPhone technology that allows you to stream stereo sound directly to your hearing aids with no intermediate device. You can easily and intuitively access voice calls, FaceTime calls, music, movies, spoken directions, information and everything else that your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® have to offer.

ReSound LiNX TS

ReSound LiNX TSTM offers a game-changing approach to managing tinnitus. It combines advanced sound therapy with the world’s smartest hearing aid. Sound therapy provides relief from tinnitus by diverting your attention away from it. Together with informed counseling by a hearing care professional, sound therapy has proven to be highly effective. ReSound LiNX TS gives you a choice of four built-in sound options. And, with the ability to stream directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you also have access to numerous sound therapy apps from the App store, or stream any sound you like, including music. It’s a completely personalized solution, just for you.

More ReSound LiNX options

ReSound LiNX
ReSound LiNX

ReSound LiNXTM now comes in two attractive designs. Our mini receiver-in-the-ear (RIE) is worn behind the ear with a thin tube that wraps discreetly along the front of the ear and ends with a tiny bud inside your ear. Our new behind-the-ear (BTE) model is slim and elegant, giving you great wearing comfort.

Not only are ReSound products advanced in quality, but they are also very user-friendly. With the ReSound SmartTM App, everything you need to control your devices is right at your fingertips. If it is something as small as discreetly turning down the volume on your hearing aids, or customizing it’s capabilities to best fit the environment you are in, catering your hearing aids to your specific needs throughout the day has never been easier.

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