ReSound Hearing Aid Endures 365 Days of Heat, Wind, Snow & Rain and Still Works!

“Wow, ReSound, that’s some totally durable hearSpencer Tietjen, aids you’ve got there!” remarks Spencer Tietjen, Audiologist at Cache Valley ENT in North Logan, UT in a letter to his sales representative. Tietjen goes on to share a story involving one of his patients who had lost his hearing aid the year prior while working in his yard. Although he searched and searched, the hearing aid was never found so the patient had it replaced. End of story? Nope, not even close.

In late July of this year, this patient returned to Cache Valley ENT and excitedly reported that he had finally found the missing hearing aid. The hearing aid had been put through the wringer –wind, dirt and rain and even four feet of snow – however Tietjen suggested they put in a new battery and snap on a new receiver…just for experimental sake. Without even cleaning it, the hearing aid still worked!

Hearing Aid

Both Tietjen and his patient were amazed. “Not just any hearing aids could survive that kind of treatment,” commented Tietjen.

ReSound hearing aids are coated with iSolate™ nanotech – an innovative nanotechnology that protects the devices inside and out with a water and dust repellent coating. This technology is what makes ReSound hearing aids so “dang durable” as Tietjen later wrote in his letter.

Another hearing aid saved, thanks to iSolate nanotech!

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  1. Tom silvia says:

    An you answer your phone by touching
    Hearing aids

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