ReSound LiNX FAQs | Audio Streaming & Remote Control Functionality

In the last FAQ post, we answered some frequently asked questions about pairing ReSound LiNX to an Apple device. Today we move on to questions asked about audio streaming and remote control functionality.

What audio can I stream to my hearing aids?

Nearly every audio source on your Apple device can be streamed directly to your ReSound LiNX hearing aids, without requiring additional accessories or hardware that you have to purchase or wear. For example: Siri commands, music, movies, phone calls, FaceTime calls, directions from a GPS app, or sounds from your favorite games.

If you use an Android device, you can also stream audio from your phone using the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ or the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone.

What remote control functionality is available on my Apple device?

  • Adjust volume
  • Change programs
  • Mute the hearing aid microphones
  • View battery indicators
  • Adjust bass/treble
  • Geotag to assign hearing-aid programs to specific locations
  • Use your saved settings at any time
  • Find your lost hearing aid with “Find my hearing aid”
  • Access information about how to use and maintain your hearing aids
  • Activate direct streaming from ReSound Unite Mini Microphone or ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2

How do I change the audio source on my Apple device? (i.e. I want to stream audio to my hearing aids instead of the iPad speaker)

You can easily change audio source using the control panel on the iOS device. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to access the control panel. Tap AirPlay and select the device you want as your audio source (i.e. ReSound LiNX hearing aids, iPhone, speaker, etc).

Where can I get help with ReSound LiNX and/or my Apple device?

Do you have a question about ReSound LiNX?

Contact ReSound Customer Care at 1-888-735-4327 or post your question here or on our Facebook page.

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9 thoughts on “ReSound LiNX FAQs | Audio Streaming & Remote Control Functionality”

    1. Hi Patrick, thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we’re unable to comment in detail on future product releases or updates, especially when working with other entities. However, we are always working to increase device support and Android users are a priority for us.

  1. My Linx 5 works perfectly w/my iPhone SE, but I am unable to get them to pair with my macbook air. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

  2. Martin R Crawford

    How do i stop my bluethooth-enabled PC from repeatedly making the mount/unmount sound whenever I am working at mt desk? It’s driving me bonkers. The sound is just like the tone you get when you connect/disconnect a usb device.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. Martin R Crawford

      Fogot to mention that this is happening only when i wear my new linx8 hearing aids. I assume that their trying to connect to the PC?

      1. Martin R Crawford

        whoops…please disregard my previous comment: the issue had nothing to do with my hearing aids…just a faulty mouse.
        My bad.

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