ReSound LiNX FAQs | Compatibility & Pairing

It’s been six months since ReSound LiNX hit the market and it continues to receive fantastic reviews. Professionals and end-users alike have been both emailing and posting to our social media pages about how ReSound LiNX has changed their lives.

In addition to these great responses, we’ve also received a few questions regarding compatibility and pairing of ReSound LiNX. We’ve compiled a list of those frequently asked questions below.

I don’t have an iPhone®. Can I still use ReSound LiNX?OnTheEar

Of course! ReSound LiNX delivers superior hearing benefits whether or not you have a smart phone. ReSound LiNX delivers industry-leading sound quality and offers:         

  • Enhanced hearing in noisy situations
  • New technologies that increase patient comfort
  • Freedom from annoying whistling
  • Wireless accessories
  • iSolate nanotech, which ensures durability & protection from moisture, sweat, ear wax and debris
  • All in a discreet receiver-in-the-ear design that is nearly invisible behind your ear

I have an Android phone. Can I use ReSound LiNX?

Absolutely! You will still benefit from the advanced audiological features of ReSound LiNX, whether or not you have an iPhone. You can also stream stereo sound from your Android phone and make simple remote control commands by using your phone with the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+. For more advanced remote control capabilities, you can download the free ReSound Control app (works with the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+).

I have an iPhone 4S. Can I pair it with ReSound LiNX?

Unfortunately ReSound LiNX doesn’t support the iPhone 4S, even with iOS 7 installed due to limitations with sound quality and streaming that don’t match our standards. The next question outlines the devices that are compatible with ReSound LiNX.

What Apple devices are compatible with ReSound LiNX?

The following Apple hardware is compatible with ReSound LiNX, using iOS 7.04 or later:

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
  • iPad (4th generation), iPad Air
  • Pad mini, iPad mini with Retina display
  • iPod touch (5th generation)

An easy indicator is to look at the adapter you use for charging or connecting the device. Apple devices that use the lightning connector, shown below, are compatible with ReSound LiNX. The only exception to this is the iPod nano 7th generation, which uses the lightning adaptor but is not compatible with ReSound LiNX.Lightning Cable

How do I pair ReSound LiNX to my Apple device?

  1. Turn on Bluetooth functionality on the Apple device if it is not already on.
  2. Go to the Settings > General Then select Accessibility in the General menu.
  3. Power up ReSound LiNX hearing instruments by closing the battery doors.
  4. Select Hearing Aids in the Accessibility menu on the Apple device.
  5. Once you enter the Hearing Aids screen, you will see the name of your hearing instruments appear along with the ReSound brand name and model number
  6. Tap on the center of the name of your hearing instruments on the screen.
  7. Pairing requests will now appear asking if you would like to pair to your iPhone, iPad®, or iPod touch®. Press “Pair” to begin the pairing process to your ReSound LiNX hearing instruments. Note that for p airing to two hearing instruments, there will be two separate pairing requests.
  8. Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will now pair to the ReSound LiNX hearing instruments and automatically connect to them.

Key note: This first time pairing includes an MFi authentication process. WHILE THIS PROCESS OF AUTHENTICATION IS OCCURRING, DO NOT START ANY STREAMING TO RESOUND LINX AFTER PRESSING THE PAIRING REQUESTS. You can verify this process is completed in one of two ways:

  • Place the hearing instrument on your ears while the process is occurring. Once completed, you will hear a series of 6 beep tones followed shortly by a ripple tone.
  • Wait for more than 120 seconds to be certain that the process has completed.

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will now detect the Resound LiNX hearing instruments you paired and automatically connect to them. The ReSound LiNX hearing aids are now ready to stream from the Apple device. Refer to our Made for iPhone Quick Reference Guide for additional instructions.

Do you have other ReSound LiNX compatibility questions? 

Please post your question here or contact ReSound Customer Care at 1-888-735-4327 (US customers).

In our next FAQs post, we will focus on audio streaming and remote control functionality. More to come!

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122 thoughts on “ReSound LiNX FAQs | Compatibility & Pairing”

  1. I successfully paired my new LiNX with ipad, however the left side HA cuts out after a few seconds, then back in after a few more. Repeatedly.

    I went through the pairing process again but so far have no change to the problem. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Jennifer, what version of iOS are you using? The newest update, iOS 7.1.2 may resolve your issue. However, our consumer support team can help you troubleshoot as well if you already have the latest update installed. You can contact them by calling (888) 735-4327 or emailing

  2. Please add the ability to pair to more than iOS device at a time (with, perhaps a “chooser”). I often stream my iPad and then need to answer my iPhone. I must turnoff bluetooth on the iPad, then turn on the iPhone’s bluetooth, wait for pairing. By then, the caller has left a message!

    Also, apparently the number of open apps affects the success of pairing. Not much you can do about that, as it is a memory issue and Apple’s sandboxing won’t allow you to interfere with other apps. I rarely use your app for this reason.

    1. Hi Barbara, you can actually pair up to five Apple devices to your hearing aids, but you’re correct in how you switch between connections. We appreciate the feedback on the “chooser” and will pass along to our development team!

      As for the issue you’re having with the number of apps running on your device – when you initially pair your hearing aids to your Apple device, it is important that you close all other apps. However, other apps shouldn’t interfere with ReSound Smart or with your connection. Another thing to note is that unlike other apps, ReSound Smart doesn’t open instantaneously because it has to exchange data with your hearing aids each time you open it. Because of this, you might notice it takes a little longer to open. If you’d like, one of our Consumer Support Representatives would be happy to troubleshoot any problems you’re having by calling (888) 735-4327.

      1. I also think the idea of a chooser would be a great option to have. I actually took the app off of my of my iPad because it was to much of a hassle re-pairing each time I wanted to switch use.

      2. Hi Bob! The pairing between the hearing aids and your device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) is directly between the hearing aids and the device itself. The ReSound Smart app is not actually involved with the pairing process. You should be able to use your hearing aids without too much issue by turning Bluetooth off on the device you are leaving and then turn Bluetooth back on the device you are moving to. We do hope to have better multi-device support in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Technical Support team at: 888-735-4327 (and choose option 1) should you have any other questions or suggestions.

  3. Hi,could you let me know if the ReSound Linx works equally as well with an Android handset such as a Sony Xperia SP or Motorola Moto G 4G as it does with an iPhone? Would performance of functionality be reduced using it with one of the Android handsets? thanks

    1. Hi Mark, ReSound LiNX alone provide superior sound quality and speech recognition regardless of the type of phone you have. To use the streaming and remote control functionality with an Android phone, you’d need our ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ and the ReSound Control app. This offers some of the same functionality, such as changing programs and volume, but not all that you would get with the Made for iPhone ReSound Smart app. If you’d like to chat with one of our consumer support team members more specifically about the differences, just call (888) 735-4327 and someone can answer your questions at your convenience!

  4. Very stressed with these devices.
    I was initially fitted by an audiologist and all went well. That was until my right was damaged.
    I returned this to my audiologist and a week later a new replacement unit the mail.
    It seems to be working but I am unable to pair the left and right.
    I can pair one or the other..
    I can ‘forget’ the unit and then pair the other but not both together.
    If I forget all and start the pairing process over they are both detected. But once I select a unit the process restarts itself but with only the one side returning.
    Very frustrating. Have to wait till Jan 5th to even call my audiologist to discuss.

    1. Hi Steve. We’re sorry to hear that you are having some connectivity issues. When a hearing aid is sent in for repair or replacement it is often necessary to “marry” the hearing aids back to each other. This is something that your hearing care professional will need to do in their software. I encourage you to contact your hearing care professional and let them know that your ReSound hearing aids need to be re-connected to each other. Until they are reconnected you will be unable to successfully pair both hearing aids. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Support Team at 888-735-4327.

      1. Thank you for the suggestion, audiologist “married” the units together. Now working as expected.

    1. Hi Garry, if your phone is not set to auto-update then you will need to manually update the app. If you are on an iPhone, go to the App Store > updates and it will show you any apps that may need updating. Just tap on update on the right side of the app. If you are on an Android phone, go to the Google Play Store > tap on your account (upper left corner next to where it says play store) > my apps and you should see the option to update all or just the ones you would like to update. Please feel free to contact our Consumer Technical Support at 888-735-4327 if have any other issues or questions.

    1. Hi Gary, Thanks for posting to our blog. ReSound LiNX will pair with the ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2, but not with the original Unite TV Streamer. You can purchase the TV Streamer 2 through your local hearing care professional. If you need assistance locating a hearing care professional, please fill out and submit the form here: and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. Please let us know if you have additional questions!

  5. I was listening to music on my new Resound Linx this afternoon at the office. I was very happy however it turns out people around me ALSO hear the music. My Iphone 6 is successfully paired with my hearing aids. I am clearly hearing the sound through both of the aids. Anything I’m doing wrong? Why can others hear my music as well? I used to use an ear hook that transmitted my MP3 through the telecoil in my old aids. Never had any issues with that. Our office is very quiet. I’m quite sure I annoyed a few people today. Can you help me? LOL!

    1. Hi Patty, thanks for contacting us. The iPhone will stream audio to your hearing aids by default when they are connected. If the hearing aids are connected to the iPhone but the audio is playing from the phone, you will want to swipe up from the bottom of the phone to access “control center” and select “Patty’s Hearing Aids” instead of “iPhone”. If your hearing aids are not displaying in control center then there is an issue with the connection. If this is the case, please contact our consumer technical support team by phone at 1-888-735-4327 or by e-mail at Also, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact them!

  6. New linx2 user. Not having any connectivity issues and the aide is great. However, when I open Facebook on my iPhone 6 plus, the aide switches programs automatically and streams my phone like an incoming call is coming in. In other words, opening Facebook changes the program on my aide and turns off the exterior microphone. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Robert. We’re glad to hear that you like your new hearing aid. Many apps have what is called “in-app sounds.” These can often cause the iPhone to try and open up an audio connection to your hearing aids. This is why your hearing aids and phone are switching to the “iPhone” program. This does not mute your external hearing aid microphones but the switch in program can adjust the volume. I would suggest turning off the “in-app” sounds on Facebook and any other apps you may use that cause this issue. In the Facebook app, tap on “more” in the lower right corner > scroll down and tap on settings > tap on “Sounds” and turn off “in-app sounds.” You may also consider turning off microphone access for the app that can also try and engage the hearing aids. To do this, go to your iPhone’s settings >Facebook > Settings > turn off microphone. If you have any other issues, we encourage you to contact our Consumer Technical Support Specialists at 888-735-4327.

    1. Hi Kathy, Thanks for posting to our blog. The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone will pair with the ReSound LiNX² hearing aids, but the Mini Microphone will need a firmware update from your hearing care professional if it was purchased before March 2013. If you have any further questions please contact our consumer support team at or 1-888-735-4327.

    1. Hi Vinny, Thank you for contacting ReSound. ReSound LiNX² are not able to be directly paired to the MacBook. You will need the Unite Phone Clip+ to allow the connection. The Unite Phone Clip+ acts as an intermediary device and connects your ReSound LiNX² to the MacBook. Once paired, any audio from your computer will stream to your hearing aids. If you are interested in the Unite Phone Clip+, I encourage you to speak to your hearing care professional about pricing and purchase. Should you have any questions about pairing, please call our Consumer Technical Support team at: 888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

    1. Hi George! Thank you for contacting ReSound. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth built into Apple TV is only able to pair with and enable wireless keyboards. To stream content from the Apple TV, you will either want the Unite TV Streamer 2 connected to your TV or, if your TV is a Smart TV with Bluetooth built-in, you may be able to use the Unite Phone Clip+ as an intermediary device to connect your hearing aids to your TV. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our consumer support team at 888-735-4327 and choose option 1 or

  7. I have suddenly had bilateral hearing loss due to a virus this year and am finding my way through this maize of equipment. Currently I am using a Widex 440 and MDex unit on a 60 day trial but today I have also been exploring the LINX2 9 with a different audiologist – my reasons being that I would like the control and also would like to avoid having to wear a second device around or near my neck. The problem is I cant trial it because I have a Galaxy Note 2 and would need to upgrade. I don’t really want to go with an Apple phone.The audiologist checked with GM who said the android app will work with any android phone running Lollipop operating system and that there is full functionality on the android app (with phone clip) as with iphone. I then spoke to Samsung to see which phone I would need. They explained that whilst that OS can work on the Galaxy Note 3 and 4, there is no telling when each phone will get given the software upgrade. Furthermore looking online today I am concerned by the high numbers of complaints by people using the android app (see Play Store). So many reviews say that the app is useless because of connection problems, that there isn’t the same functionality as the iphone app and that they end up mostly using the remote gadget and the phone clip gadget to control to HA’s… in which case it provides no additional function than the Widex system which also sells these accessories.
    I’m concerned by reviews from people who say they upgraded their phones especially for these HAs and things still didn’t work.
    Is the only way to avoid this to have the top iphone? even then, every time apple update the software it looks like there could be problems. I really like the idea of this system but wonder how well it works in practice and am worried about going to the lengths of upgrading my phone (when I don’t otherwise need to) for a system which might not be too reliable.

  8. I have the Linx2. My Audiologist recently did a software update in the hopes of improving the the use of my Iphone6 (with IOS 8.4 ) with my hearing aids. I still have issues with it cutting out or switching from one ear to the other. I was really embarrassed on an important call the other day when I had to ask the person on the other end to repeat himself multiple times. At this point I am considering the Phone Clip, but since it still has to connect with the Bluetooth on the phone is it really going to be any better?
    Also how often do those Software updates occur? And how would I be notified that there was a newer version so that I could make an appointment with my audiologist to get it>

      1. Hi Robert, Thank you for writing to us. The first thing we suggest is to ensure that your hearing aids have the current version of the firmware. Contact your hearing care professional and ask if you’ve received the firmware update. Next, you can change a few settings that we have found to help. Go to settings > general > accessibility > and make sure phone noise cancellation is turned off > scroll down to call audio routing and change that to “headset.”

        After that, we recommend a reset on the network settings. Below are these steps. If you continue to have any issues, please contact our Consumer Technical Support team at: 888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

        Resetting the Network Settings and repairing your hearing aids.

        Make sure that you know your Wi-Fi passwords (as this will be forgotten during the process of resetting). You will also need to re-pair your phone to your car if you have a car Bluetooth system. We also highly recommend turning off any other Bluetooth devices (iPad, iPod etc…) during the pairing process. This can sometimes cause confusion with the hearing aids. We encourage you to use fresh batteries as this will ensure the best connectivity and experience. When you remove the tabs from the batteries, allow them to sit for 2 minutes to fully charge.

        1. To start, go to settings>general>accessibility>hearing aids and tap on the “i” to the right of your hearing aids. On the next screen, tap and forget the device. If you are unable to forget the device, go to step 2.
        2. Next, turn off Bluetooth on your phone and open the battery doors on your hearing aids.
        3. Go to settings>general>reset (at the bottom)>reset network settings. You will be prompted for your pass code if your phone is pass code protected. Confirm that you would like to reset network settings by clicking on the red writing in the pop up box. Your phone will now reset the settings and restart.
        4. Once your phone has restarted go to: settings>general>accessibility>hearing aids.
        5. Turn Bluetooth on (under devices) and close your hearing aid doors. Your hearing aids will show up in black writing.
        6. Tap on the writing and it should turn blue and place a black check mark to the left. You will get a pairing request for each aid.
        7. Accept the request and give them about 30-45 seconds to finish their connection.

      2. Hello Resound. I am on a 45 days trial with the Linx2 LS962-DRW. I needed to move away from the Lyrics after the went to 3.1 and the quality of the device dropped significantly. Second day into the Linx2 and I love them. Sound quality is natural and it is much easier to hear (even my wife on the other end of the house!! wow!). My main issue is that in my job I am on the phone for 10 hours a day. And they Bluetooth must stay connected so I can hear properly or I could lose a customer or my job. They are new Resound units with the latest firmware and I followed your instructions exactly step by step that you provided below to Robert for the IPhone 6 (iOS 8.4.1) settings. Got on the phone again today and the Bluetooth dropped constantly. First one ear then the other ear. Then both. I was moving the Iphone all over the place next to my ears trying to restore the connections so I could converse. I would like to keep these units but need to know is there a way to get the Bluetooth connection to stay up? Is the connection more reliable with the Resound phone clip? Need expert advise from Resound please. BTW – so cool to stream music while I am working in the back yard – but music also cuts out now and then just like a phone call.

    1. Hi Debby, thank you for contacting ReSound. What you may need to do – and we’d be happy to talk you through it – is a complete reconnection… which is easier than it sounds!

      The basic steps are
      1) Turn off Bluetooth on other nearby mobile devices. Also, make sure your aids have fresh batteries
      2) On your phone, go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Hearing Aids
      3) Tap on the blue encircled letter i next to the name of your hearing aids. Tap forget this device.
      4) Perform hard reset (SIMULTANEOUSLY press the home and power buttons and hold while phone turns off and then reboots. Once you see the Apple logo, release the 2 buttons).
      5) Repeat step 2
      6) If under ‘Devices’ you see ‘searching,’ move to step 7. If not, repeat steps 3 and 4.
      7) Open and close your hearing aid battery doors. The name of your hearing aids should appear in black. Touch the name of your hearing aids and they should turn blue.
      8) After you accept the popup pairing requests, you’re all set.

      If you need clarification for any of these steps, just give us a call at 888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

      Regarding your last question, we don’t have a schedule for software updates and the best way for you to know is to keep regular contact with your hearing care professional.

  9. I have had the linx 2 since December and love them! I’m also an aging rocker and performing musician. Many musicians are now using “in ear monitors”. I would like to use my linx in the same way. I purchased a small blue tooth transmitter from Amazon for around $15 and connected it to my Berhinger x16 air mixer but it wouldn’t pair. Is the Bluetooth standard you use proprietary?, Since the cost of Bluetooth transmitters is obviously very cheap it would be great if you offered musicians a small transmitter for in ear monitoring….make the standard public. Comments? Thanks again for a great product!!!

    1. Hi Jerry, thank you for reaching out to us. We’re glad you’re loving your ReSound LiNX2! The Bluetooth connection is proprietary and will only work with our existing streaming accessories. Looking at the input/outputs on your mixer, we can suggest a few options that may work. If you are looking to connect to the Bluetooth transmitter, we would suggest the Unite Phone Clip+. This will act as an intermediary device and allow the connection between your hearing aids and the Bluetooth transmitter you purchased. The Unite Mini Mic or the Unite TV Streamer 2 could be possible solutions as well. These would actually be able to be plugged into the headphone jack on the Behringer x16 and stream to your hearing aids. We hope that this helps. Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Technical Support Team at: 888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

    1. Hi Gerry, thank you for contacting ReSound. Unfortunately, we’re unable to comment in detail on future product releases or updates, especially when working with other entities. However, we are always working to increase device support and Android users are a priority for us. You can use a Unite Phone Clip+ to stream sound (including phone calls) from your Android device to your hearing aids. If you have additional questions, you can always call our Consumer Support Team at (888) 735-4327 or email them at

  10. My mother has been enjoying her Resound Linx2 7’s with her iPhone. However when she hands the iPhone to my father, or someone else, so they can talk too, no one can hear anything (the phone speaker seems to be off if the hearing aids are on). What has to be done for that situation to work?

    1. Hi Mike! Thank you for reaching out to us. The iPhone audio can play through one source at a time, either through the hearing aids, the iPhone speaker, a head set, etc – but never multiple ways at the same time. If your mother wants to use speaker functionality so your father can listen to a call at the same time, she needs to switch the audio source so it stops streaming to her hearing aids. Or, if she wants to hand over her phone so he can have a direct conversation with someone, she needs to change the audio source so the call isn’t streaming to her hearing aids. Your mother can switch the audio routing one of two ways. If she is already on the phone call, she will tap on the audio button on the screen and select where she would like the audio to go. If she has placed the call herself, she will need to hide the keypad by tapping “hide” in the lower right and then select the audio button. If she is not yet on a call, but would like to have the phone set for more traditional use, she can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to activate the “Control Panel.” She should see her hearing aids listed towards the bottom right corner. If she taps where her hearing aids are listed, she will then have the option to choose the intended audio destination. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Technical Support team at either 1-888-735-4327 and choose option 1 or at:

  11. Hi. Is your SmartApp for Linx2 compatible with IOS 9? I see there are hearing aid enhancements added with this new IOS. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rob, preliminary testing shows that the ReSound Smart app and ReSound Made for iPhone hearing aids are compatible with iOS 9. You’re correct that there are hearing aid enhancements included in the new operating system. If you have specific questions about any of the new iOS features, feel free to call our Consumer Support Team at 1-888-735-4327 and choose option 1 or email them at

  12. Hello. – will resound linx2 work with nano gen8 I see it will not work with gen7 .. I need something small to stream music to my hearing aids while biking


    1. Hi Mari Jo, thank you for contacting ReSound. The iPod Nano is not currently one of the supported devices that would allow direct streaming. Currently, direct streaming is available with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, iPad 4th Gen or later, iPad Air and Mini (all models) and iPod Touch 5th Gen.

  13. Can I listen to an audio iBook through my Resound Linx 1? I am able to listen to all music that I have downloaded on my iPhone 6 through my resound linx1.

    1. Hi Margie! You can absolutely listen to audiobooks through your ReSound LiNX hearing aids. As long as they have been properly paired with your iPhone 6, you can stream any audio to your hearing aids. If you have any other questions or run into any issues with your connection, please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Technical Support team at either 1-888-735-4327 and choose option 1 or by email at

  14. I have trouble with my IPhone while it is paired to my Linx and I am driving. My car also connects to the iPhone via Blutooth. When a call comes in and my hearing aid is not paired, I can accept the incoming call on the screen in the car. However if my hearing aids are paired, I hear some clicks and the call is disconnected before I can accept it. What should I do?

    1. Hi Ted, thank you for contacting ReSound. The way the phone prioritizes Bluetooth streaming may change based on the car you’re driving. Our first recommendation is to make sure the call routing on your phone is set to automatic. On your phone, go to settings > general > accessibility > call audio routing and make sure that “Automatic” is selected. If this doesn’t work for your car, our alternative solution is to manually connect your phone to the car Bluetooth when you get in your car. It’s as simple as swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen on your iPhone to access what is called the Control Panel. In the lower right hand corner above the camera icon it should say your name and then “Hearing Aids.” Tap on this and select the car Bluetooth as an option. It’s a quick solution to make sure your phone calls are routed to your car system while you’re driving. If you are still having problems please contact our consumer support team by email or by phone at 1-888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

  15. Divinea Almoradie

    I have a Clearsounds QH2 bluetooth hub and phone amplifier connected to my office phone. will the Phone Clip connect to it so I can stream my office phone calls to my hearing aids directly?

    1. Hi Divinea, According to product reviews for this particular Bluetooth hub it appears that people have been using it and the Phone Clip+ together successfully. We have not been able to test this particular device officially for compatibility but we have seen the Phone Clip+ pair with similar products. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our Consumer Technical Support Team by email at or by phone at 1-888-735-4327 and press option 1.

    1. Hi Bill, if you have a Smart Hearing aid from ReSound as well as one of the supported Apple devices listed here (, you will be able to stream all audio including phone calls and music directly to your hearing aids. You will still need to answer and hang up the phone calls from your iPhone. Please note that, although you will be able to stream the call’s audio directly to your hearing aid, you will still need to rely on the phone’s microphone to pick up your voice. If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Technical Support Team at or 1-888-735-4327.

  16. I have Linx2 9 hearing aids and have just upgraded my phone to a Galaxy Note 4 as my audiologist advised it is now compatible with the smart ap. I cant get it to stream music without the phone clip though – which i was told I’d be able to do with the new phone, My phone is paired to the hearing aids but when I play music it doesnt come straight through.

    1. Hi Candice, direct streaming is not currently available through the Android platform. That is a functionality of the Apple iOS and not a feature of the ReSound Smart app. The stereo streaming, as you suggest, is only available for Android users through the Phone Clip+. We’re sorry for the misunderstanding!

      1. But I bought the phone ESPECIALLY as I was told that all services were now extended to androids including the NOTE 4. I asked my audiologist to DOUBLE check this quite a few times before actually spending the money on a new phone (which I otherwise didn’t need). If the audiologists aren’t clear then how are the public supposed to know. I feel really cheated. that the mistakes of others have cost me a fortune.

  17. Hello Folks,
    Based on a recent visit to an audiologist, my 96 yr old Dad is considering the LS962-DRW hearing aids. Is this overkill since there’s no way I’m putting an iPhone in his hands to figure out for the first time as well? Would another model be more appropriate or has this been conveniently marketed so that there are features included in this model that are not on others? Be honest. He’s about to shell out $6000 for the pair. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for reaching out to ReSound! Without knowing all of the details of your father’s hearing loss and lifestyle, we would assume his audiologist’s suggestion of the LS962-DRW is based off of information he or she gathered from your father’s appointment. Unlike some products on the market, ReSound LiNX² has the capability to utilize direct connectivity with the Apple iPhone however it isn’t necessary to the run the aids. There are certain audiological features available on the LS962-DRW that are not available in other models, which may be the reasoning behind the audiologist’s suggestion. The audiologist will have the most knowledge as to which aid and technology is most appropriate for your father’s unique hearing loss. I would encourage you to speak with them about the key features of the aids, how they will benefit your father and any concerns about cost.

  18. If I’m watching TV then log into FaceBook or even open the app, all of a sudden the audio streams to my hearing aids. No I don’t have a smart TV and yes I have BloothTooth enabled and synced IPhone to hearing aids.

    1. Hi KD,

      Thanks for posting to our blog. To make sure that Facebook doesn’t access the audio channel automatically, open the Facebook app -> Tap “More” in the bottom right corner -> Settings -> Account Settings -> Sounds -> Turn off “in-app sound”.

      Also go to the Facebook app -> Tap “More” in the bottom right corner -> Settings -> Account Settings -> Videos and Photos -> Change “auto-play” to “Never play videos automatically”. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our Consumer Technical Support Team by email at or by phone at 1-888-735-4327 and press option 1.

    1. Hi Marty, thanks for reaching out to ReSound! The ability to connect wirelessly and utilize streaming of any kind through an Apple iPhone is available in the ReSound LiNX² ITE, ITC, and MIH custom models only. The IIC model is too small to support the technology required for these operations.

      1. Is ReSound working on that? Is there a work around solution that would allow the IIC model to communicate with an iPhone?

      2. Hi Marty, Given the size, the IIC can only be made to house a size 10A battery. Currently, a 10A battery cannot sustain the amount of power necessary to support wireless connection. We are always looking at improving all models of our hearing aids, but cannot comment on any upcoming developments. At this time, no known alternatives are available. If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Support Team at (888) 735-4327 or

    1. Hi John, Unfortunately, we’re unable to comment in detail on future product releases or updates, especially when working with other entities. However, our developers are always working to expand support for additional platforms and devices.

  19. Question on the app and Facebook
    I have in app sound turned off in Facebook as well as no not stream media off on the iPhone but every couple days media starts streaming to my HAs and I have to turn the settings on and off
    Is there any solution or upgrade needed?

  20. Why hasn’t full functionality been extended to Android. It’s the pitts to buy a phone you’d rather not just for 1 feature, albeit an important one. I’ve used the phone clip on Android, it works but is an add on not nearly as convenient as Apple devices. I think Resound needs to step up their game. Android has a very significant share of the market….

    1. Kenneth D Silveria

      I agree, I just purchased LiNX2 962. I’m also been a dedicated samsung galaxy phone user and had just about every galaxy s phone they’ve made currently just upgraded to the s7. It’s frustrating having to stream through another device when the technology is there. It’s just a contract thing between Resound and Apple, not to enable it for android…

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a customer of Resound for over 5 years and was ready to upgrade until I found out about this Android incompatibility. What’s irritating (and costing them at least one customer) is knowing they can make it compatible but instead choosing to sell another battery operated gizmo.

      I’d appreciate a straight answer as to why this is the case, and more so would like to know if Android (Galaxy S7) will be supported in the near future. If this can be affirmed I’d by Resound today, otherwise I’ll wait till someone does.

      1. I can only say my hearing aids worked great with my iPhone 5S for nearly 1 year! Upgraded to iPhone 7Plus and couldn’t get either hearing aid to connect! Got hold of the company staff just by email, they walked me through the process, they’ve been working fine ever since! Still not quite a year but very happy with them. I might add so are my family, friends, and volunteer work colleagues! Don’t know about your phone! I still recommend email or a phone call! In my case it was a headspace issue, not technical! Dr Dan

      2. Hi Mike, thank you contacting ReSound. We appreciate you voicing your opinion on an issue that matters to not only you, but many of our customers. Unfortunately, we’re unable to comment in detail on future product releases or updates, especially when working with other entities. However, we are always working to increase device support.

  21. Just bought an Iphone just for the Linx2. Being a new owner of an Apple device, I can understand why so many people hate it…Bought an Apple, feel defeated. Have been using Android devices so far and I never thought the hating on Apple could be that substantiated. Just setting up the device took forever, for everything I have to have passwords, accounts, have to reenter it, it wont save wifi passwords and at this point not even the store is working at all. Looking at Starkey hearing aids now and checking out if they work with android directly. Dont ever tie yourself to apple, that road is deadend for devolopment cause they are too controlling in terms of just everything.

  22. Recently, i bought a Samsung model J7. Can you tell me if this model is compatible with app resound smart? I have a Resound LINX2 9. Thank you.

    1. The unfortunate answer is no it’s not. Resound is only fully functional with the Iphone. A huge faux pas on their part. You can get streaming on you droid phone but you have to have a separate clip on device. The app is not fully robust as on the Iphone. Shame on Resound.

    2. Hi lacyr, thank you for contacting ReSound. This blog is owned by our U.S. channel and the Samsung J7 is not sold in the U.S. If you can let us know where you’re located, we can try to get you in touch with the appropriate people to answer your question.

  23. Angelisa Jorgenson

    I have a pair of resound LINX2 hearing aids and I have the resounds smart app for IPhone. My question is, Why when I am on the iphone talking to someone, can’t I access the “All Around” program? The only thing that shows is “IPhone” that is highlighted under streaming devices. Therefore, I am limited in doing certain things like “Wind Control” because I can’t access any of my programs. Is this normal? When I am on a call on my iPhone, it shows my Hearing Aids but has other options such as “IPhone” and “IPhone Speaker.” But if I click on another option, I can’t hear the person talking and they can’t hear me?

    Anyone who maybe familiar with this, your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Angelisa, The hearing aids can only be in one program at a time. If you are in the iPhone program then you cannot be in the all-around program. You can still raise and lower the volume of the hearing aids for sounds around you using the app and for streaming volume using the controls on the left side of the phone.

      Moving the audio source to “iPhone” or “iPhone speaker” should take the call out of the hearing aids and into one of those modes. If this is not working correctly, we suggest rebooting your phone. If rebooting your phone does not solve the issue you will want to speak with Apple as they maintain the audio routing of the phone. If you continue to have issues, please contact our Consumer Technical Support Team at 888-735-4327 and chose option 1.

  24. moisture seems to be a real problem with my Linxx 2 hearing aids.. can be on golf course and just begin to notice humidity/heat and one or both my aids die and will not come back for many minutes and usually hours.. Starkey aids bragged about their ability to work even after dropping into a glass of water.. I’m not talking getting my Linx aids wet.. only slightly moist and even when I am not perspiring. Is this a permanent problem I have to live with or is their a “fix”?

  25. I’m really just frustrated. $7k hearing aids and I can’t use them as functionally with my android as Iphone. So I get ahold of an iPod touch, but it’s a 4th Gen so it doesn’t have ios7. Then I get ahold of an iPhone 4s. (Imagine that! The ONE AND ONLY model that isn’t supported). It shouldn’t be this hard! When you pay for THE BEST bluetooth connectivity hearing aids you can find and it works HALFWAY with my normal daily use phone (Samsung note 5) and it doesn’t work with 2 apple devices (while advertising it is an apple preferred product) it is enraging. Seriously. So now I have 3 devices and I can’t simply stream music or phone calls with ANY OF THEM. I DON’T WANT to have to purchase an additional $300 receiver box to carry around in addition to my 5 or 6 other electronic devices I have. Uuuurrgghhhh.

    1. Why if you’re really spending $7K on a set of high tech hearing aids would you then go buy a iphone 4?
      Does not compute, right from the start they mention only suitable with later iPhones.
      You need a refund from your audiologist.
      Or you should have purchased an iphone 6s at the least.

  26. I spend half my work day in conference calls on the phone. It’s very hard to understand all the speech on the other end of the calls. The company provided me with a CISCO CP-8945 office phone because it has Bluetooth and we thought I would be able to pair my linx2 to the phone. But we can’t seem to get them to be discovered and paired by the phone. Are the resound linx2 using some different or special protocol than the rest of the Bluetooth devices that are made? Thanks – hoping for a solution.

    1. Thank you for contacting ReSound. Although your ReSound LiNX² hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled, they operate on a slightly different variety than you will find on the Cisco phone. A direct connection is available for compatible iPhone models, which can pair directly to your hearing aids (view compatible devices here: To connect with your Cisco phone, and most other standard Bluetooth devices, you will want to use the Unite Phone Clip+. This acts as an intermediary device and will support the audio streaming between the phone and your hearing aids. We encourage you to speak with your hearing care professional regarding purchase of the Unite Phone Clip+.

  27. I paired my LInx2 to my iPhone, and now every time I switch apps that might play videos (instagram, or facebook for example), they connect and disconnect as I scroll my feed since some posts are videos and some aren’t. It is driving me INSANE. Instagram doesn’t offer the option to not autoplay videos. Can I tell the hearing aids to just not connect to certain apps? On my iPhone there is an option to disable media play, but it doesn’t seem to actually do anything.

    The only thing I really want to pair them to are the Resound app and phone calls. I am losing my mind here.

    1. Hi Sarah, Thank you for contacting ReSound. The good news is that there is an easy fix for this! To resolve this go to the Settings of your iPhone to General > Accessibility > Hearing Aids. Select Audio Routing and then Media Audio. Make this “Never Hearing Aids”. To solidify the change go out of settings and swipe up from the bottom of your phone to get the Control Panel. Tap on Sarah’s Hearing Aids in the lower right-hand corner and select iPhone. If you have any other questions contact our Consumer Technical Support team at or 1-888-735-4327 and select option 1.

      1. Thanks! I spoke to customer service who suggested the same thing. I have to swipe up and change to “iPhone” all the time. It seems to switch back randomly, or after a phone call. Is there a way to make it stick, or should I just keep changing it?

  28. When I am using my Linx2 with music streaming from an iPhone6s, the hearing aids battery status was greyed out on the iphone. Is it possible to see how much battery life there is when doing streaming music full a long time?

    1. Thank you for contacting ReSound. Yes, you should be able to view the battery indicator during all functions of the phone and hearing aids. As the battery indicator is not a dynamic indicator, you will not see a gradual reduction of remaining power. The battery indicator will simply show full, half or empty. You will most likely hear the low battery indicator tones in your hearing aids prior to the battery indicator on your phone showing empty. If you haven’t already, we recommend rebooting your phone to allow the phone and app to restart. This can often resolve minor bugs in the system. Once the phone has rebooted, you will want to open and close your hearing aid battery doors to allow the phone to re-connect with them. If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Technical Support Team at or 1-888-735-4327 and select option 1.

    1. Hi Adam, There are two ways you can connect to your computer or laptop to your hearing aids. The first is to use the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ accessory. This allows your hearing aids to stream audio from your computer using a Bluetooth connection. The other way is to use the Multi Mic accessory, which connects into the headphone port on your computer and streams the audio through to the hearing aids. For more information regarding these accessories go to or contact your Hearing Care Professional.

  29. This borders on false advertising! Most buy the hearing aides because you say they work great with the iPhone! Your app developers don’t keep up with IOS updates or Iphone technology! The Iphone 7, 7S, and 7S plus have been on the way for 1 year and have arrived! Yet your app doesn’t work with them! You want return customers, then provide a total package to include a functioning app! Dr Dan

  30. Dr Dan Hatton, Colonel, US Army (ret)

    When is the app going to pair with the iPhone 7 series! Military active duty and veterans need this fixed now! Otherwise the VA and military hospitals are going to have to stop using them or recommending the hearing aides! V/r, Dr Dan

    1. Hi Dan, we’re sorry you’re experiencing issues pairing your hearing aids with the iPhone 7 Plus. Would you be able to send us a private message with which ReSound model are you wearing? ReSound R&D is still testing the iPhone 7, but results thus far confirm compatibility with the iPhone 7 and our Consumer Technical Support Team experience confirms that as well.

      As a first approach, we recommend “forgetting” and re-pairing your hearing aids to your iPhone. We’ve included instructions below. However, if you still experience issues or would like to have someone walk you through the steps, please contact our Consumer Technical Support Team at 1-888-735-4327 or Many times it’s easier to troubleshoot via phone or email.

      Forgetting and repairing

      On your phone, go to: settings – general – accessibility – hearing aids/devices – tap on your name/model of hearing aids – tap “forget this device” and confirm by tapping “forget” again – Open your hearing aid battery doors for a few seconds and then re-close them – when the name of your hearing aid appears again, tap on the name – accept all pairing requests.

      1. Thank you! I’ll call! I’ve model number LS961-DRW! They have been superb until now (6 months)! V/r, Dan

      2. Hello Luis, if you have tried re-pairing your device following the given steps and you are still unable to connect then we recommend visiting your Hearing Care Professional. It is possible that your hearing aids are in need of a Firmware update. Otherwise please feel free to call our Consumer Support Line for further help at 888-735-4327. Thank you.

      3. Dr Dan Hatton, Colonel, US Army (ret)

        Got it working and works great! Love it again! Just took a 7,000 mile cross country RV trip to the east coast and back to San Diego! My hearing miracles and app worked great! You were right and I was wrong! I cleared the app off my new iPhone 7Plus, reloaded it, paired it and it worked! Advice, first clear all items listed in blue tooth out to include the resound app! Then load the resound app and pair it! Don’t connect other blue tooth ear piece devices! First, you don’t need them! Music will play from your iPhone to your hearing aid(s)! Phone calls will go to your hearing aid(s)! You can still connect to your car via your iPhone! V/r Dr Dan Hatton, Colonel, US Army MSC (ret)

    1. Hello Launa,

      Thank you for contacting ReSound! The primary difference with an iPhone is that you will have direct audio streaming between your phone and hearing aids. Audio streaming for an Android phone is possible with the ReSound Phone Clip+, which you can get through your Hearing Care Professional. Both the iPhone and select Android devices offer the ReSound Smart app which allows you to personalize settings of your hearing aids. Here is a link to our website that will show you a full list of devices compatible with the ReSound Smart App,

      We hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions

  31. Is the app avaiable in the amazon app store. I am looking at getting a blackberry phone that runs android apps from the amazon app store. I have searched and didnt see it in the store.

    1. Hello Matt,

      Thank you for contacting ReSound! Currently, Blackberry phones are not compatible with the ReSound Smart App, which is why you are not finding it to be available on the Amazon App Store. Please follow this link for the list of compatible devices with the ReSound Smart App, Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  32. I have a pair of Resound Linx2 9 aids and a Resound Unite TV streamer (SAS-2). Are they compatible, and, if so, how can they be paired? Will the SAS-2 work with the Smart iPhone app? I had planned on using the SAS-2 in my shop – have an SAS-3 in my home and it works very well.

  33. How does one connect Linx2 with a Mac desktop computer? It needs to send out a “pairing” signal so the Mac will recognize it and pair to it.

    1. Hello John, in order to connect your ReSound LiNX² hearing aids to your Mac computer you will need to utilize a ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ as an intermediary device. The Phone Clip+ will pair in the regular Bluetooth menu of the computer and you will need to make sure that the computer is set to output audio through the Phone Clip+ (which will show up as “Hearing Aid Phone”). If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Technical Support team at 1-888-735-4327 or

  34. I just got my Resound in-ear bluetooth aids, and am visiting my parents and their Telus TV occasionally switches to their Smart TV and we think it’s when I walk in the room. Then we have to reset the cable — what a headache! Is it possible that my hearing aids are interfering with their tv signals?

    1. Hi activelazygrrl. To stop streaming directly to your hearing aids, access the Control Center on your iPhone by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Swipe left to access the second panel. Select the device for audio and choose iPhone.

    1. Hi Marc, thank you for contacting ReSound. The IP address of your post is indicating you’re located in Amsterdam. This blog is monitored by the US subsidiary of ReSound. We recommend contacting our Netherlands subsidiary at phone number 026 319 5000 or email to ensure you get accurate information.

  35. I have Resound LiNX2 aid and a Resound Unite TV streamer 2. I can’t turn off the streamer with a short button push on the hearing aid. What is the remedy?
    Thank you.

      1. I can now report that my Motorola G4 plus running Android 7.0 works perfectly with the Resound 3D app and my Resound Linx 3D 5.

  36. Have an issue with your SMART app used on the iPhone and Apple Watch (have iPhone XS Max, Series 4 Watch, both with latest OS as of 11/1/2018). The Watch Complication for SMART while apparently existing, is NOT showing up as available in almost every one of the available Watch faces…meaning I can’t have it immediately available for use, but, have to push the crown to go to the Apps, then select it. Not sure if your issue or Apple’s, but, would be great if you can work with them to make that happen. I only have the Linx2 9, so cannot use the 3D App, which may be better suited to work with the Watch, but, am sure there are a huge number of existing Linx2 users out there that would appreciate your getting this fixed.


      1. I have purchased a new Samsung TV with Bluetooth capability, would I still need the TV steamer or would I be able to connect Resound Linx 3D 7 directly?

      2. Hi Mark. Thank you for reaching out to us. Our hearing aids use a specific type of Bluetooth Low Energy. At this point, there have not been adaptations outside of mobile phone operating systems that allow for direct audio streaming with the hearing aids. The TV Streamer 2 is the accessory that would allow you to connect your hearing aids to your television. It connects to the audio out port on the television. It then wirelessly connects to the hearing aids. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or contact our Consumer Technical Support team at 1-888-735-4327 and choose option #1. Thank you so much!

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