ReSound in the News | A Triumph in Acceptability & Accessibility

How many times have you heard a loved one deny that they’re a little hard of hearing?  At first, you probably smile and let it go.  As the years go by, however, that person’s hearing loss continues to worsen, as does the impact on all of your lives. You may find yourself becoming frustrated that he or she will simply not accept that their hearing is impaired.


The official statistic is that it takes an average of seven years for someone to admit that they could benefit from a hearing aid. In a recent article in Electronics Weekly, ReSound’s Vice President of Brand Management, Ditlev Friis, talks about how ReSound LiNX was designed to overturn the negative perceptions associated with hearing aids and hopefully reduce the average time between the onset of hearing loss and the purchase of a hearing aid. ReSound’s mission was to create “natural sounding audio… and real quality of life improvements in a discrete and miniaturized product form-factor that they [people] will find a joy to use and not be embarrassed to own.”  Friis calls ReSound LiNX “a triumph in accessibility and acceptability for the hearing impaired.”

ReSound LiNX has also been referred to as the “Google NS_LiNX-2_PRINT-300x269Glass for Ears” and this comparison continues in an article by Gazelle. This article, focused on the development of Google Contacts, notes that this new technology and ReSound LiNX are more than “smart devices” – they’re “sense-based technologies” with “limitless potential.”

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