Broaden Your Possibilities (and Your Fitting Range) with the ReSound LiNX Ultra Power Receiver

mandi-chamblessBy Mandi Chambless

ReSound LiNX is much more than a Made for iPhone® hearing aid. Sure, the streaming quality is fantastic and the iPhone capabilities open up a whole new world for end users, but don’t forget that thanks to the new Ultra Power (UP) receiver, you can now fit 90+% of hearing losses, thus reaching more patients that desire the discreet look of a RIE but until now were unable to receive benefit from a device so small.

The new UP receiver can provide your patient with up to 76 dB of gain, allowing for significant headroom for those severe-profound hearing losses.    Up_Receiver(1)

The UP receiver is housed in a custom, encased mold, so remember to measure for receiver length before ordering as the receiver cannot be swapped out in-office. We recommend measuring to the middle of the tragus with the receiver measuring tool in order to obtain the best fit for your patient.

The UP receiver comes with the same wax filter options as other custom ReSound products. On your order form, simply select HF3 or Cerustop.

Please note that the UP receiver is configured only for the ReSound LiNX and may not be used with any previously released ReSound RIE products. Happy fitting!


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