Does Your Dad Have Hearing Loss?

Many of us have family members or friends that are a little hard of hearing – and it can be a sensitive topic to bring up. So what do you do when that person is your parent?

This Father’s Day, two ReSound employees interviewed their Dads about their hearing loss and how hearing aids have impacted their lives.

Rachael Myers, HR and Benefits Manager for ReSound, interviewed her father, Louie Motley, who has suffered from hearing loss for the last 3 years.

[Rachael] You started wearing hearing aids about three years ago, and we’d noticed that you probably needed them before that, and mentioned it a time or two. But, what made you decide to finally get your hearing checked?

[Louie] I didn’t notice that I was hard of hearing. My coworkers finally told me that they were worried about my safety on the job – that’s what really got my attention.

Rachael and her Dad, Louie
Rachael and her Dad, Louie

[Rachael] I’ll try to not be offended that it was your co-workers you finally listened to!
[Louie] Even at the appointment still didn’t think my hearing was bad enough to need hearing aids.

[Rachael] And after the appointment … and when you finally were fitted with hearing aids?

[Louie] I was surprised by how much sound I had been missing because it was a gradual loss over time. And, I was pleasantly surprised after finding out how discrete the hearing aids were compared to how they used to be.

[Rachael] Is life different now that you wear them? I notice that you can actually hear things I say now, even when I’m standing beside you …

[Louie] You’re right, I don’t have to make direct eye contact so much in order to hear and hold a conversation because I can now hear better. But, one of the things I noticed most was being able to hear the sound of crunching snow under my shoes. The best thing is being able to listen to music.

[Rachael] Are there sounds you wish you could tune out?

[Louie] Yes, the wind noise when I’m driving down a road with my car window open.

[Rachael]What advice do you have for family members or friends wanting to talk to a loved one about their hearing loss?

[Louie] Ask them “How is your hearing?” I didn’t realize that mine was as bad as it was until I was tested. The hearing aids are so much better than they used to be. They really work!

Bridget Brose, Production Assembler at ReSound, interviewed her father, Bill Nesbitt, who first realized that he had hearing loss about 1 ½ years ago.

Bridget and her Dad, Bill.
Bridget and her Dad, Bill.

[Bridget] When did you first think you had hearing loss?

[Bill] After sitting in front of a speaker at a music event sometime in December 2012. No one in our family has hearing loss, so I wasn’t sure.

[Bridget] Why did you finally decide to have your hearing tested?

[Bill]: It was the family encouraging me to get my hearing tested. But, once the audiologist put the hearing aids on, I could hear better, it felt good!

[Bridget] Does it still feel good to have them?

[Bill]: It’s great! I don’t have to say “what?” and ask someone to repeat themselves anymore. And, I can listen to music. My advice to anyone who thinks they have hearing loss is to get a hearing aid!

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  1. My dad is around 52 years old now, two months before he started losing his hearing ability. Then after he didn’t really talk to me and just sits there in a complete oblivion. He started keeping himself away from everyone and he don’t like to take a conversation with us. I felt very sad on him and then decided to buy one hearing aid for him. We went to a local hearing aid clinic and after a preliminary examination he got one appropriate hearing aid. Now he can hear all our conversations and I am very happy that we got him back.

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