Reset Your 2016 Hearing Expectations

Many of us take our hearing for granted. We assume we’ll always hear what we need to. But what happens when we start to notice hearing loss? That loss has the potential to change everything. At ReSound, we are committed to helping others rediscover hearing, which means building an appreciation for hearing at every stage of life. Here are three expectations we hope you will consider as your think about your hearing this year.

Get an AttitudeiStock_000062240432_Large

To assume your hearing will continue as it always has can be dangerous—that assumption lulls us into ignoring our hearing. Rather than expecting that your hearing will remain as it is, change your attitude to accept that you need to take care of your hearing—just like you do the rest of your body. Our ability to hear well is not necessarily linked with aging—it is also a matter of the way we treat our ears early in life.

Test Early and Often

With your hearing, no news is not always good news. It is better to know how your hearing is doing than to not know. Testing your hearing helps you get ready to take steps when you need to. But also helps you understand the things you can do right now to keep those hearing loss symptoms at bay. The sooner you identify potential hearing problems, the more tools and resources you have to find the best hearing solutions. Click here to find a hearing care professional near you!

Protect Your Ears

One clear step to take in 2016 is to protect your hearing. That means wearing ear protection when decibels get above 85. Or stepping away from loud situations. Hearing loss can be a cumulative effect, so the more you expose your ears to loud noises over time, the more likely you are to find your hearing threatened.

Resolve for 2016 to be a healthy hearing year!

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