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Jenny-NesgaardJenny Nesgaard, Au.D, is a senior audiologist in the Global Audiology group at ReSound. The main focus of Global Audiology is to ensure that the consumer perspective is represented when designing hearing aids. In the early stages of product development, Jenny forms part of different project teams providing input on the consumer benefit of the products. Once a physical product is available, she designs clinical trials aimed at verifying the functionality. When a product is ready for launch, she is involved in writing audiology-based white papers about features and functionalities, providing the hearing care professional with audiological and data-based information about the new product or feature. She also performs product training, customer visits and speaks at conferences on a variety of topics that are either product-based or research-based.

How did you first become interested in a career in audiology?
I actually applied to study medicine in the UK. That same year they started the audiology degree and a letter was sent out to everyone who had applied for medical school. If I was willing to change lanes, the NHS (National Health Service) would cover my tuition fees and I would receive student grants as well. It was a no-brainer! And I am so happy I made the switch, I honestly feel this is the greatest profession to be in! We make real changes for real people – immediately.

What has been most fulfilling about your career so far?
The versatility of an audiology career is very fulfilling in itself. My day-to-day could involve anything from patient contact (testing and counseling), to strategy meetings, mission work or student outreach. I have traveled the world with my work and I have grown professionally and personally.

Is there anything you would have done differently?
Not really…

What tips do you have for current students or those considering a career in audiology?
Do it! And if you are already doing it, stick with it and take the time to enjoy what you do. It is a profession that allows you to travel down many different paths. You can work at a hospital, in a private clinic or at a manufacturer. You can work with a variety of ages, from children all the way to the elderly. You can help people with hearing loss, tinnitus or balance disorders. There are endless possibilities and opportunities – the only prerequisite is a love for people and a desire to help.


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