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“Today’s hearing aids are not just smaller and sleeker, they’re also smarter,” says Wall Street Journal Digits reporter, Jenny Marc. These three “S”s sum up ReSound LiNXTM perfectly. Hearing aid users are looking for a discreet solution that helps them hear better and live life the way they want to, which is exactly what ReSound LiNX can give them.

“It’s very stigma-reducing” said Lauren Christensen in an interview with Marc. “Everything you need to adjust on the hearing aid, you don’t need to reach up to your ears at all. You just do what everyone else in the world is doing today, which is checking on their cell phone.”

ken-smithAccording to The Hearing Journal, early adopters report that ReSound LiNX has “broad appeal.” Dr. Ken Smith from the Hearing Center of Castro Valley says, “I am the world’s biggest skeptic, but I found [ReSound] LiNX to be virtually transparent… the sound is so natural that I forget I have them on, and the ergonomics are extremely comfortable.”

Six of Dr. Smith’s patients now use ReSound LiNX. One patient who vowed never to buy an iPhone even rushed to purchase one after trying ReSound LiNX.

There are certainly hearing aid users that are not interested in what they consider to be “bells and whistles,” but as CEO, Lars Viksmoen, points out in a CNBC interview, even if you don’t have an iPhone®, ReSound LiNX offers the best hearing aid sound quality money can buy. Period. The Made-for-iPhone feature (“the fancy part”) is a bonus added to what is in reality, the very best hearing aid on the market.

In a KQTV broadcast in St. Joseph’s, MO, Dr. Diana Perry of Quality Hearing Aid Centers said that ReSound LiNX offers numerous benefits for her customers. “It’s given people the freedom to be able to adjust their own hearing aids.”

Perry’s patient, Steven, has been wearing hearing aids for 15 years. He says that this new technology is something that keeps him from missing out. “This makes it so that I have as close as possible to original ear hearing.”

Do you agree? Share your experiences with ReSound LiNX.

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