Pairing iOS Devices with ReSound LiNX Hearing Aids

mandi-chamblessBy Mandi Chambless

Over the past few weeks I have assisted with many a pairing of ReSound LiNX hearing aids to smart devices. It has been amazing to hear the excitement from the patients when they begin streaming to their hearing aids! This pairing process is simple but there are a few key steps to follow to ensure the preservation of a solid connection between your patient’s ReSound LiNX hearing aids and smart device.

Pairing of your patient’s ReSound LiNX hearing aids and smart device is completed outside of the Aventa 3.6 software. Before starting the pairing process, complete your fitting and any fine-tuning adjustments of the hearing aids then save the settings to the ReSound LiNX hearing aids and exit Aventa 3.6.

Pairing the hearing aids to a supported Apple device

1. Turn on Bluetooth functionality on the Apple device if it is not already on.

2. Go to the Settings > General menu. Then select Accessibility in the General menu.

newsletter13. Power up ReSound LiNX hearing instruments by closing the battery doors.

ReSound LiNXHIPairLNBlack4. Select Hearing Aids in the Accessibility menu on the Apple device.newsletter2
5. Once you enter the Hearing Aids screen, you will see the name of your hearing instruments appear along with the ReSound brand name and model number.

newsletter36. Tap on the center of the name of your hearing instruments on the screen.

7. Pairing requests will now appear asking if you would like to pair to your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®. Press “Pair” to begin the pairing process to your ReSound LiNX hearing instruments. Note that for pairing to two hearing instruments, there will be two separate pairing requests.

newsletter48. Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will now pair to the ReSound LiNX hearing instruments and automatically connect to them.


Key note: This first time pairing includes an MFi authentication process. WHILE THIS PROCESS OF AUTHENTICATION IS OCCURRING, DO NOT START ANY STREAMING TO RESOUND LINX AFTER PRESSING THE PAIRING REQUESTS. You can verify this process is completed in one of two ways. :

  • Place the hearing instrument on your ears while the process is occurring. Once completed, you will hear a series of 6 been tones followed shortly by a ripple tone.
  • Wait for more than 60 seconds to be certain that the process has completed.

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will now detect the Resound LiNX hearing instruments you paired and automatically connect to them. The ReSound LiNX hearing aids are now ready to stream from the Apple device.

A few key things I found helpful:

  • I like to turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on before beginning the connection process
  • The authentication process may take up to 90 seconds. An interruption of the authentication process can result in intermittency of the connection as well as poor sound quality of streaming so it is very important to not begin streaming to the hearing aids until the indicator tones and trill have been heard in both hearing aids.
  • Remember that when your patient returns for adjustments, select ‘Instrument’ and ‘Read’ in the Aventa 3.6 software before making any adjustments to the hearing aids. See my TeleAssist Tip in last month’s issue for more information.




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90 thoughts on “Pairing iOS Devices with ReSound LiNX Hearing Aids”

  1. Thanks for the helpful info. My q is: can I stream from my lg smart tv to my linx 9 HA’s or do I need to buy another piece of equipment like the Resound Tv streamer?

    1. Hi Frank, the ReSound Unite TV Streamer is still required to stream audio directly from your TV to your ReSound LiNX. However, we have heard from other users that the ReSound LiNX make it easier to hear the TV at a reasonable volume without the streamer. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. The other option might be to just use your iPhone’s streaming capabilities for the LiNX hearing aids. A quick triple tap on your iPhone home key, select Start Live Listen , and set your iPhone near the tv. You will need to decide if the audio quality is as good as a separate Unite TV Streamer. The nice part about using the iPhone is you can use it anywhere with any audio source!

  3. Steve Krumenaker

    I have found that the pairing remains strong most of the time, but occasionally cuts out, and is thus inconsistent. … for example, the other day I was using the Maps app (GPS), with streaming directions directly into my hearing aids … the problem was that I was continuously missing the first 3-4 seconds of each instruction, thus I kept missing the turns ! Any advice?

    1. Hi Steve, we’re sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with the pairing. One of our consumer support representatives, Paul, will be reaching out to you shortly via email to see if he can help! Please let us know if you continue to have issues.

      1. I’m having the same issues. It wouldn’t pair my right hearing aid. Now it won’t pair either.

    1. Hi Jeff! Yes, in order to connect your ReSound hearing aids to your Android phone you do need to use the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+. You will also need to download the ReSound Control app from the Google Play store. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  4. Is it possible to pair with an iphone and an ipad, with the intent to use only one or the other at a time for streaming?

  5. I just started using the Costco Ks5 hearing aids and was told I could pair it with my iPhone using the reSound iPhone app which I downloaded. I have tried many times to pair it but nothing is working. Am I missing something or is this not useable with the iPhone?

  6. i tried many times but my iphone cant find my resound, is there any button on my resound to pair iphone with????

    1. Hi Seyar, thank you for contacting us. It might be best for you to call our Consumer Support team who can help you through the pairing process. They can be reached at 888-735-4327.

    1. Hi Seyar, Wax guards block earwax and prevent it from entering the device, which can affect the overall sound quality of your hearing aid. We’re going to have someone on our Consumer Support team email you to further troubleshoot your connection issue. Please let us know if you don’t hear from someone soon.

  7. I cannot connect my Resound hearing aids to my iPhone 6 Plus. The hearing aids are not listed among the devices that the phone identifies when I turn on bluetooth to search for devices. What are the specific steps for iPhone 6 Plus?

    1. Hi Felica. Thank you for reaching out to us. Your hearing aids actually don’t pair under the traditional Bluetooth menu. We have a tutorial video on YouTube that will guide you through pairing your hearing aids: You will know that pairing is complete after you receive 6 beeps in each hearing aid and a “ripple” tone in each hearing aid. If your iPhone is still not locating your hearing aids, make sure that you have fresh batteries in the hearing aids and that any other Bluetooth devices (such as another iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) has Bluetooth turned off. If you continue to have questions or issues or would like someone to walk you through the process over the phone, please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Technical Support Specialists at 888-735-4327.

  8. While pairing the Unite phone clip to the HA, at the completion there are beep sounds followed by the ripple …then loud continuous static noise like feedback. Why? and what is remedy? Thanks
    for any help.

    1. Hi Ed. Thank you for contacting ReSound. We’re sorry to hear that you are having some issues. We’re not certain why you would be experiencing the static/feedback but would initially suggest un-pairing the Unite Phone Clip+, rebooting your phone and then repairing the Phone Clip+. If this does not resolve the issue, we would encourage you to call our Consumer Technical Support Specialists at: 888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

  9. I have had my Resound Lynix 9 aids for over a year. After several hearing aid firmware upgrades and a number of iOS upgrades the only thing consistent is that one never knows if the aids will link to my iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S or iPad Air 2, etc. I have been forced to buy the accessories to get any reliable connections.
    I have made repeated visits to my audiologist who has elevated the problem to the US district manager without success.
    In the past few days I have experienced:
    1) neither aid will link to my iPhone.
    2) one aid links but not the other.
    3) I cannot connect to my iPhone 5S NOR can I tell it to forget the aids so I can try to repair. The busy circle just keeps spinning.
    When will Resound form a Red team, in conjunction with Apple, and fix this problem once and for all.
    If this was a car, I would return it under the Lemon law as unfixable and unusable for its intended purpose. I want my money back, all of it.

    1. steve krumenaker

      I have had similar results with the Linx 9’s and the iPhone 5. I have had my Linx about 18 months now … my wife and I each have them, and we each have an iPhone 5 … results are poor, at best, and if this was a regular app, I would never use it … even now, I rarely use the app at all, that doesn’t even connect consistently, even when the iPhone manages to do so. Emails to customer service at Resound are a waste of time, their answer is marketing-speak.

      1. Hi Steve, we’re sorry that you continue to have issues with the pairing of your ReSound LiNX. Have you called our Consumer Technical Support Team yet? They are specially-trained on how our hearing aids pair with mobile devices and can troubleshoot the issues you’re having. It’s best to connect with them over the phone so they can walk you through a resolution step-by-step. They can be reached between the hours of 8am – 5pm CST at 888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

      2. Steve,
        You got the identical word-for-word response I got. Just a canned, cut-and-paste answer.

      3. steve krumenaker

        I also have reached out and spoken with customer service … see previous notes in this same blog post. … no luck, it is always an apple problem.

        Another problem I have is that I can not use the streaming (directly into the linx) with the apple map app, since it always cuts out the first 1-2 seconds of the message, which usually is the part telling you which way to turn (“Turn left in 200 feet”) … so it is useless for this. The rep told me that this is an apple problem, which I find interesting since I can stream the same app to other bluetooth devices without issue.

        How about this for irony? GN Resound is owned by the same folks “GN Netcom” that own GN Jabra. Jabra makes highly sophisticated bluetooth headsets used with corporate phones and cell phones alike. They have an IOS app that can manage the pairing with two iphones simultaneously (whichever one has the current conversation is the one that is paired) and never fails to pair. It works with the apple map app, I have never had any issues with it and I use it regularly. Why can’t one division talk to the other and use shared assets? I asked that question to a customer service rep and they were going to ‘get back to me’ … guess what? I never got a response.

      4. Hi Steve, Streaming performance with map apps depends on the design of each individual app. We suggest using other map applications such as Google Maps or the GPS Co-Pilot App, rather than Apple Maps. Apple Maps is engineered so the connection drops between commands, so by the time the connection is reestablished for the next command, you’ve usually already missed all or part of the audio command. However, Google Maps and the GPS Co-Pilot app have continual connection so there is no need to reestablish in between commands. One note – for the Google Maps app some users have seen small delays but it’s markedly better, and with the Co-Pilot app there hasn’t been any delay noticed but it does drain battery faster from both the phone and the hearing aids because of the continued connection. If you still experience issues or have other questions we suggest sending our Consumer Technical Support Team an email at or giving them a phone call at 1-888-735-4327 and press option 1.

    2. Hi Gary, we’re sorry that you continue to have issues with the pairing of your ReSound LiNX. Have you called our Consumer Technical Support Team yet? They are specially-trained on how our hearing aids pair with mobile devices and can troubleshoot the issues you’re having. It’s best to connect with them over the phone so they can walk you through a resolution step-by-step. They can be reached between the hours of 8am – 5pm CST at 888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

      1. I’m sorry too. Resound should do better.

        I find it ironic that I (and many others) have trouble using our hearing aids on the phone and Resound’s only method of support is by telephone. Not even a chat or email capability is available. This blog winds up being the only way to get a problem to Resound and then it goes to a social media person and not a technician.

        Yes, I have tried calling TS and so has my audiologist. The problems continue. I’m told “the next update of iOS will fix it.” Some incremental improvement over the last year when a major effort is needed. I’m told reboot your iPhone then erase your iPhone and start from scratch. Change your batteries (I change them every 2 days).The connection remains intermittent. We need a dependable, always available connection.

        Right now I cannot use my iPhone 5S because it does not allow me to forget the previous pairing, also with a Linx 9. At the moment, my iPhone 6 Plus connects, but only one aid would connect last Friday when I needed both to talk to another TS.

      2. Gary, Here are a few suggestions to help with your current issues. As you are a multi-device user (i.e. more than one iPhone, or iPhone and iPad), we do encourage you to make sure that Bluetooth is turned off on the device or devices you are not using while attempting to pair or use another device. We also recommend ensuring that any iOS devices around you turn off Bluetooth temporarily while you’re pairing your hearing aids to your iPhone. Multiple iOS devices can sometimes cause confusion and only one hearing aid will be found.

        As for the issue with your iPhone 5S, it sounds like the phone is not completely letting go of the previous pairing. We suggest resetting your phones network settings and re-pairing. This should shake the previous pairing out of the system. Here are the steps to reset and repair:

        Make sure that you have/know your Wi-Fi passwords (as this will be forgotten during the process of resetting). You will also need to re-pair your phone to your car if you have a car Bluetooth system. We also highly recommend turning off any other Bluetooth devices (iPad, iPod etc…) during the pairing process. This can sometimes cause confusion with the hearing aids. We would encourage you to use fresh batteries as this will ensure the best connectivity and experience. When you remove the tabs from the batteries, allow them to sit for 2 minutes to fully charge up

        1. To start, go to settings>general>accessibility>hearing aids and tap on the “i” to the right of your hearing aids. On the next screen, tap and forget the device. If you are unable to forget the device, go to step 2.
        2. Next, turn off Bluetooth on your phone and open the battery doors on your hearing aids.
        3. Go to settings>general>reset (at the bottom)>reset network settings. You will be prompted for your pass code if your phone is pass code protected. Confirm that you would like to reset network settings by clicking on the red writing in the pop up box. Your phone will now reset the settings and restart.
        4. Once your phone has restarted go to: settings>general>accessibility>hearing aids.
        5. Turn Bluetooth on (under devices) and close your hearing aid doors. Your hearing aids will show up in black writing.
        6. Tap on the writing and it should turn blue and place a black check mark to the left. You will get a pairing request for each aid.
        7. Accept the request and give them about 30-45 seconds to finish their connection.

        Should you continue to have any issues, we do encourage you to connect with our Consumer Technical Support Team via email: or by calling 888-735-4327 and choose option 1. We are available M – F 8am to 5pm CST.

  10. With the IOS 9, my iPhone is not pairing correctly in my Chevy Camaro. When I get in, plug into the car, or bluetooth to the car, and start pandora or iTunes, the sound automatically goes to my resound lynx. It used to go to the car. the only way I have found to play music in my car is to turn off bluetooth on my iPhone. Then my hearing aids are not connected, and have to pair when I get out of the car, minor, but an inconvenience.

    1. Hi Gareth, the ReSound Smart app, which allows control of ReSound LiNX through a mobile device is not currently available for the Nokia Lumia. If you’d like to see a list of compatible devices, please visit our website: Please note that direct streaming is currently only available for Apple devices. If you’d like to control and stream your ReSound LiNX with your Nokia Lumia phone, the Unite Phone Clip+ would allow you to do so. If you have other questions, please let us know!

  11. Hi-
    Thank you for the clearly explained instructions. I just got Linux 2 hearing aids and love being able to stream mysic. Is there any chance that resound will work with Apple to make other devices as useful? I would love to stream the tv like many of the others but after what hearing aids cost… I really feel “nickled & dimed” to pay an addition $400+ for tv streamer.

    Other quick questions: does anyone else notice that hearing aids really get warm when streaming more than 30 min? Anyone else notice sound flickering off ever so often? It’s mainly when streaming. Yes, I’m a kid w a new toy if you can’t tell.

    1. Hi Evelyn – Thank you for reaching out to us. We are continually working to increase device support but are unable to comment on future product releases or updates. That said, we do encourage you to stay in contact with your hearing care professional as they will be current with any new supported devices.

      As for your hearing aids warming during use, this is not necessarily uncommon when electronic devices are streaming content wirelessly. We would be concerned if the hearing aids seem to be getting uncomfortably warm. Should that be the case, we encourage you to remove the hearing aids from your ears and contact your hearing care professional to have your hearing aids looked at.

      If you have additional questions, you can always contact our Consumer Technical Support team at either or at 1-888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

  12. This article on the blog worked the first time I tried it with my iPhone 5 S. Connectivity was lost after a OS upgrade on the iPhone and I am on the road so my hearing professional was not available. Thanks for the clear instructions.

  13. My Resound Linx hearing aids work great, except when driving sonf trying to use my iPhone. I bought a phone clip, but it did not work. It wouldn’t turn on sound from the caller. The other day I heard that the phone clip shouldn’t be necessary. I was told by another user that his Resound Linx hearing aids transmitted his voice directly to the phone without a phone clip! As soon as he gets a call he can hear the caller, and his voice is transmitted to the caller, as long as the phone is in bluetooth range. He also told me that the VA audiologist said to NOT upgrade his phone past version 9.2 as there are problems with later versions. My iPhone 6s is at version 9.3.1. Could that be the cause of the hearing aids not picking up my voice and transmitting it to my iPhone? Are the resound Linx version 9 hearing aids supposed to support two way communication wit an iPhone 6s?

    1. Hi Jim, Thanks for contacting us. As of today Apple’s latest iOS is 9.2.1 and is a stable operating system for use with the hearing aids. The ReSound LiNX 9 hearing aids are able to pair directly with an iPhone 5 or newer for remote control use and streaming of audio. In this type of pairing the phone’s microphone will pick up your voice for a phone call. The ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ is necessary to be deemed “hands-free” legal when driving in states with this requirement. The Phone Clip+ also works as a microphone for your voice if you prefer that over using the phone’s microphone. As far as your specific issue, we encourage you contact our consumer technical support team at or 1-888-735-4327 so that they can troubleshoot with you on getting the Phone Clip+ to work with your hearing aids and iPhone.

      1. It would seem to me that you should have engineered the hearing aids for use with a phone similar to the way all Bluetooth headsets work with a iPhone. Up until I got my hearing aids, I always used a Bose (in the ear) headset. It worked perfectly with the phone. whenever I tapped the button on the headset, it connected to the phone and started Siri. I then made a call, and I could talk and hear through the Bose headset. No separate device was required. Why did you make the hearing aid system for the iPhone so cumbersome? Now I need the hearing aids in my ears, a bluetooth connection for them, then a separate device for a microphone, and a separate bluetooth connection for that, then I have to find a place to put the microphone. I’ve tried to put it on my jacket or shirt, but since it needs to be near my mouth, I try to pin it to my jacket or shirt. However, the seat belt interferes and sometimes knocks the microphone off. If I attach it to the seatbelt, i forget it is there, and when i stop to get out of the car, the seatbelt retracts, and sometimes the phone clip ends up outside on the ground. You should be able to engineer the hearing aids for two way communication with the phone, with out the phone clip. Is that design in progress? Is there a technical reason that this method cannot be created? I’m not up set about the $350, I would gladly have paid that or more to have this function integrated into the hearing aids.

      2. Jim, I’m not sure I understand the problem you are describing. The microphone on my iPhone 5s works fine, so I don’t need a separate microphone. The hearing aids allow me to hear speech from others in the car when I’m not talking on the phone.

      3. I have an iPhone 6s, mounted on the dash. It is at least 24-30″ from my mouth to the iPhone. Callers complain that my voice being picked up by the iPhone is not good and sounds very distant. I can hear speech from others in the car, that is not the problem. Because my voice didn’t sound good enough to the callers and they complained about it, I bought the phone clip. I think such a device (the phone clip) shouldn’t be needed, I consider it a kludge to solve this voice problem. The hearing aids should have been designed and engineered to pick up my voice from the hearing aids and transmit it to the phone via bluetooth. That would make the process the same as any iPhone bluetooth headset. And it wouldn’t involve a third device like the phone clip. If I hold the iPhone in my hand near my head, the phone clip isn’t needed. However, in my state hands free driving is the law.

  14. Just a quick question I have Costco Kirkland signature 6.0 equivalent of resound linx 9 if I am not wrong, and currently I am traveling out of country and need these pairs to be programmed can we do this task on Aventa fitting software ? Appreciate your quick reply

    1. Hello, thank you for contacting ReSound. We have not seen any difference between the connectivity of our Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids with the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 6. The main difference with reliability of connection has been between the different iOS versions so we recommend keeping your phone up-to-date as Apple releases updates to their software. If you have further questions about the connection between the hearing aids and the iPhone please contact our Consumer Technical Support team at or at 1-888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

  15. Hi, my phone clip connected to my Samsung phone was working fine then suddenly the voice of anyone I’m talking to either is inaudible or I’m getting an echoing or a pinging noise which again makes it inaudible. Any ideas? Thanks Bob

    1. Hi Bob. Thank you for contacting ReSound. I would first consider a clean pairing of the Phone Clip+ with your phone. Here are those steps.

      On your phone, go to: settings – Bluetooth – locate “Hearing Aid Phone” and tap on the gear symbol on the right side – tap on “unpair” – restart your phone.

      While your phone is restarting, remove the silver cap on the bottom of the Phone Clip+ and make sure that it is turned on.

      Once your phone has restarted, go to: settings – Bluetooth – make sure your phone is visible to other devices and tap “scan” if there is an option to – press and released on the blue pairing button on the backside of the Phone Clip+ – when “Hearing Aid Phone “ appears under “Available devices,” tap on the lettering to complete the pairing.

      Should you continue to have audio quality issues, we encourage you to contact your Consumer Technical Support team at: 888-735-4327 and chose option 1.

  16. Is it possible to link my hearing aids with my macbook pro? I have been using bluetooth between my iPhone and hearing aids and that works tremendously.

  17. I had to delete my app to get my new phone paired . Got them paired but don’t have the adjustment app ! How do I get it back

    1. Hi Matt, Thank you for contacting ReSound. To download the ReSound Smart App you will go into the App Store on your phone and tap on Search near the lower right hand corner. Then tap on the grey Search bar at the top of the screen, type “ReSound Smart”, and tap on Search in the lower right hand corner of your keyboard. It should be the first result to come up and since you have downloaded it before it will have a cloud symbol with a downward facing arrow to the right of the app. Tap on this symbol and the app will start downloading. If you have further questions please contact our Consumer Technical Support Team either by calling 1-888-735-4327 (choose option 1) or by emailing them at

  18. I have a Samsung S6. I recently had my left hearing aid repaired and the right purchased as a right. when I attempt to connect them to my phone clip the left will connect properly and the right doesn’t connect. If I try connecting only the right one it shows a complete control on the left side of the mute button instead of the half control on the right side over the mute symbol. What can I do?

    1. Hi Randy, this may be caused by something in the programming of the hearing aids. We recommend visiting your hearing care professional to troubleshoot. If your hearing care professional is stumped, please have them call our Technical Support line!

  19. Hello,
    I’m using resound hearing aids and the Bluetooth. I’ve connected my hearing aids to the Bluetooth. However I can only hear the phone in my right ear.
    Please help.

    1. Hello Hansa,
      It sounds like your left aid may not be paired to the Bluetooth device. In the settings menu try forgetting the device and starting the pairing process over. If you would like assistance in this please contact the ReSound Consumer Support Line at 888-735-4327 and select option 1.

  20. my hearing aids paired with my iPhone 5s. I have the 6s now and it cant seem to find my hearing aids. I’ve done the obvious and powered down, Bluetooth on off, etc, etc. and it just doesn’t find the hearing aid. what now??

    1. Hello Jimmy,

      Here are a couple options for you to try, If you experience any trouble be feel free to contact our Consumer support line at 888-735-4327 and select option 1.

      Basic Pairing

      Begin with your hearing aid battery doors open and Bluetooth turned on, on your mobile device.
      On your phone, go to: settings – general – accessibility – hearing aids/devices – close your hearing aid battery doors – tap on your name/model of hearing aids when the name of your hearing aid(s) appear – accept all pairing requests. Either put your hearing aid on and wait for a series of 6 beeps followed by a ripple tone,
      or wait at least 120 seconds for authentication to finish.

      Forgetting and repairing

      On your phone, go to: settings – general – accessibility – hearing aids/devices – tap on your name/model of hearing aids – tap “forget this device” and confirm by taping “forget” again – Open your hearing aid battery doors for a few seconds and then reclose them – when the name of your hearing aid appears again, tap on the name – accept all pairing requests.

      1. It only allows me to pair with either left or right, but not both… What can I do??

    1. Hello Randy, thanks for reaching out to us. ReSound hearing aids cannot directly pair with a portable police radio. However, the Phone Clip+ accessory would be able to pair with it as long as the radio can pair to third-party Bluetooth headsets. If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Technical Support Team at 1-888-735-4327 or

  21. I have resound linx 961 hearing aids now and just upgraded my iPhone from 6splus to 7splus with 1os of 10.2. They have paired but will not stay connected. resets every 15 seconds. Is this an apple problem or a provided Verizon problem? I have tried turning off phone and have been to version several they can not fix

  22. I have a pair of Resound Linx7 hearing aids which successfully paired to my iPhone 6, however since upgrading to an SE Iphone I have made many unsuccessful attempts to pair my iPhone to my hearing aids. I can pair them to my iPad Air but not the SE Iphone. I turned off the iPad connection to see if that made a difference but still no success. Any suggestions?

  23. I’m in the market for a new iPhone and find that the iPhone SE meets my needs. However before purchasing I want to be sure that the SE will work with the Resound smart app. It is listed in one compatibility list, but not on another. Could you please let me know – Is the iPhone SE fully compatible with the smart app? Thanks.

  24. My left hearing aid (ReSound LiNX TS 961) failed and I returned it for repair. I just received the unit back but I can’t Pair it. I am following the directions. The right hearing aid pairs successfully. What can I do to get it paired with my iPhone 7 ??

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for contacting ReSound. We’re sorry you’re experiencing issues pairing your hearing aids. After repair, it may be necessary for hearing aids to be re-paired to one another by your hearing care professional. If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Technical Support team at 1-888-735-4327 or

      1. Nathan, this happened to me when I had to have one of the hearing aids repaired. You need to go to an audiologist and “marry” the two aids. When one is repaired or reset and reprogrammed separate from the other, the iPhone does not recognize them as a pair, and will pair them separately, one or the other, but never together. I took mine to a local audiologist in Houston and she “married” them for a fee of $30. She had to call ReSound for some technical guidance however. So never fear. You can attend the wedding ceremony of your two hearing aids and get them back on the road of togetherness.

  25. Arthur Westerberg

    Ever since Apple put out iOS 3.1 for my iPhone 7, my Kirkland Signature 661 (ReSound) hearing aids would not connect properly to my phone. I tried everything I could think of, and today decided to look again on the web for help. The problem: I had my hearing aids working just fine with iOS 3.0. I upgraded to iOS 3.1. The choice app could find my aids, and I could adjust the volume, etc., using this app. But under General/Accessibility/Hearing Devices, the phone spun its wheels continually looking for the aids and never found them. Twice since the iOS upgrade it did find them, but only for a minute or so and then it went back to spinning its wheels. Today I found your instructions in this blog that seem to be a cure, at least for me – to reset the network settings (i.e., Settings/General/Reset (way at bottom)/Reset Network Settings) and start over with connecting the hearing aids. (Warning, as you noted: you better know your password for connecting wifi to your phone as all such passwords get forgotten doing this.) That appears to be all it took. Apparently something was messed up on the phone in moving as I did with connected hearing aids from the previous operating system. I intend to tell the audiologist at CostCo this one. Most of your comments tell one to contact your help people. Luckily I persisted in reading through such advice as this help was way down in this blog. Since this problem does seem to be common here, I would strongly suggest you put this fix up front and center.

  26. Just got my first iPHone, an iPhone 7, and using Mandy Chambless’ clear and detailed instructions I got it to pair with my Resound 962s first try. Thanks, Ms. Chambless!!

  27. Hi my hearing aid stopped pairing. I’ve had no problems for two years – it just stopped working

  28. I have purchased anew iPhone7and cannot pair my ReSound 961 Hearing Aids to it. Apple SuppiSupport was unable to do it either. is there there any updates required for the Hearing Aids to get this to work?

  29. Hello

    I wear a pair of Resound LINX Quattro in the ear model hearing aid.

    The left earpiece developed a defect and was sent to Resound for repairs. I now have it back, but I am unable to pair it with my iPhone 11 PRO. The right earpiece is functional and remains paired.

    PLEASE help!

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