Are You Ready for an Upgrade?

lloyd“I am ready for an upgrade” pronounces Lloyd Alter, Tech writer for TreeHugger, after he learned about ReSound LiNX™ at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show. He further praises ReSound LiNX in a recent article titled New Hearing Aids Are Like Google Glass For The Ear.

Alter describes finding ReSound at CES, “In the crowded health section of CES there were fifty booths with wearable devices to tell you how your heart is beating or your blood pressure is rising. But there was only one booth dedicated to what is probably the biggest market for consumer electronics after the smart phone, that’s growing larger every year: the hearing aid. That booth belonged to a company called ReSound.”

Alter does wear hearing aids, and though they’re not ReSound’s, he’s has been writing about his experience for two years.  He describes hearing aids as “an opportunity to connect in ways we cannot imagine.” He adds, “I want to hear everything everywhere. I want my ears to be part of the internet of things. If people stopped thinking that these things are just for old people and thought of them as their personal connection the world, perhaps more people who need them would wear them.”

Alter’s review of ReSound LiNX speaks volumes, “ReSound produces a hearing aid that makes mine look like an old horn. It connects directly to the iPhone® with no converter and control box; it is all in the iPhone. It does a whole lot more; there is a mixer that lets you adjust the sound for different environments and keep the settings, and wonderfully, it geo-locates you so if you have a setting for home, the office or your favorite noisy dive bar, it has you covered.”

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2 Responses to Are You Ready for an Upgrade?

  1. Lou says:

    Hello, has Android (Samsung Galaxy S4) updated its Linx app to adjust the tone? I’m deciding whether to purchase an iPhone 6, although the cost of the new ReSound Linx has me thinking about the iPhone expense. Performance of the apps is my primary consideration, though.

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