First Impressions of ReSound LiNX

resound-linxReSound LiNX, the first Made for iPhone hearing aid, is here and we have been gathering first impressions from the attendees of the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s what visitors to the ReSound booth had to say after test-driving LiNX at the show.

“The Consumer Electronics Show is probably the biggest tradeshow in the entire world and to come here and actually find people talking about hearing aids is pretty exciting.”

“This is more clear…. More clear of a sound”

“These sound more natural.  My voice sounded different when I first put them on.”

“I’m able to pick up the finer nuances of language, where with all this background noise, you’d be like “arhh”, just completely overwhelmed.”

“It does seem like it’s much more discreet.”

“I’m an avid Apple person, so having the chance to control this thing from my iPhone is incredible.”

“I like the features of being able to go on my iPhone and change whatever I need to.”

“You can be more discreet than going ‘beep, beep, beep’ in the restaurant when you want the volume down. It’s one less thing that draws attention to the fact that you’re actually wearing hearing aids.”

“The music comes through, no more stuff around your neck.”

“People lose their hearing aids all the time.  To be able to go to your iPad and for your iPad to tell you where your hearing aid is…. is HUGE.”

“Turning your iPhone into a microphone so that when you’re in a group you’re able to have something you already have and just be able to hear from a distance. I think that this is a really valid tool that can make people’s lives better.”

“I would be very interested in updating what I have in order to have the quality of life that this new hearing aid could give me.”

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