Giving Back – Providing a Helping Hand

marie-vetterBy Marie Vetter, Au.D., Chicago Hearing Services

With the holiday season coming to an end, it is important to not lose sight of the spirit of giving and continue in 2014 to help those less fortunate.

As an audiologist I give the gift of hearing back to my patients particularly at a time when many families gather and hearing loss can be stressful.  Poor quality of life, withdrawal, and depression, may already haunt some of our patients during the holiday season and into the New Year.  Hearing aids and proper amplification may help to negate some of these emotional and social issues.  While we strive for everyone to have the gift of hearing, some of our patients for whatever reason may not be able to afford better hearing.

ReSound saw a need to give back especially to those less fortunate.  ReSound has paired with Help America Hear and the Foundation for Sight and Sound to provide hearing devices for those who otherwise may not be able to afford them.  ReSound donates hearing aids to Help America Hear so that those less fortunate will be given the Gift of Sound.  Based on income and need, patients may apply for hearing aids, which will in turn be dispensed by a local audiologist free of charge.   Since its creation in 2009, Help America Hear has provided hearing aids to 465 people that would have not have been able to afford them.  In addition, Help America Hear provides a scholarship to a high school senior each year in need of hearing aids.

If you or someone you know is in need of hearing aids, visit Help America Hear to find out how they may be helped.

In this New Year, may we see someone else’s needs and figure out how we may help by giving our talent, time or treasure.  I always remember a random act of kindness or a special gift.  Let’s provide that same memorable moment for those less fortunate.

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