An Innovative Approach to Patient Education

photo 1Many seniors have stopped going to the theater because they struggle to hear the audio. Social experiences like this often cease with the onset of hearing loss. ReSound, in conjunction with Mid Kansas ENT, recently held an interactive theatrical event, which fundamentally changed the perception of going to the theater for the attendees.

The “Theater Crawl” hosted by Thumper Johnson of Mid Kansas ENT and her staff, involved taking 80 seniors around Wichita, KS, to visit 5 different theaters and learn how they could benefit from ReSound technology in all 5 venues. Johnson wanted to show her patients how easy it was for them to enjoy the theater again (hearing loss or not) and that her relationship with them goes far beyond the sale.

photo 2Most attendees were already wearing a ReSound hearing aid.  Each person was given a Unite Remote Control that was paired to their hearing devices.  This allowed the attendees to start the wireless streaming to their devices at each venue they visited that day – and with only a one-button push.

There were several goals at each location:

  • Pair each attendee’s aids to that venue’s TV Unite Streamer (one-button push)
  • Let the venue talk about what they do at that theater and their upcoming season
  • Show off how well the Unite TV accessory worked in that venue
  • Draw for free tickets to an upcoming show for one of the lucky attendees

photo 4The outcome of the event was very positive.  There were 5 patients who were interested in trialing hearing aids before the event; all 5 purchased their aids at the end of the bus tour (10 aids sold that day). The main goal was achieved – show the patients how Mid Kansas ENT is giving back to the community and get the word out that your hearing aids can do more than hear conversation – they can re-connect you to your world.  Many of these hearing impaired patients used to enjoy the theater but quit going because they couldn’t understand the spoken words.  Now they can!

With more and more public places getting “in the loop”, soon wireless streaming will be as common as closed captioning or handicap ramps and handrails.  Thumper Johnson is doing the footwork to ensure that her community has these amenities available to people with hearing loss.

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