Our Veterans and Tinnitus

veteransBy Marie Vetter, Au.D., Chicago Hearing Services

Yesterday was a special day.  A day to salute those service members who have defended our freedom, our independence, and our country.  My patients I serve, who are Veterans, help me to appreciate America, my freedom, my ability to work, and pride for all they have done.  As many WWII Veterans pass, I’m saddened for people who will never get to hear their stories of bravery and deep respect they have for our country.  Many veterans have been in horrifying, dangerous, and unthinkable situations.  Their service has led them at many times to a lot of noise exposure.  Due to this noise exposure, tinnitus may be something that service members have to deal with.

Tinnitus, or ringing in your ears, can lead to anxiety, withdrawal, insomnia, fear, and other social issues.  Tinnitus is very common and affects over 50 million Americans.  Two million tinnitus sufferers are so severely disabled from it that they are unable to function “normally” on a day-to-day basis. Tinnitus sufferers, at many times, can be desperate for a solution to this issue.  That is where audiologists can help! Audiologists provide comfort, understanding, information, emotional support and most of all, HOPE.  We provide hope that there will be a solution, hope that they will be able to sleep, hope that they will be able to live a normal life, and hope that their focus will not be tinnitus but other important life events.

There are many solutions for tinnitus.  Once medically evaluated, audiologists can customize the care for their patient. By listening to the patient who struggles with tinnitus, audiologists will know how the tinnitus affects their day-to-day life and will be able to help to find an effective solution.  Whether it is a sound generator, cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, Resound tinnitus hearing aids, or a combination of tools, tinnitus sufferers can be helped.  Professionals can provide a strong base in the success of their treatment.

Just like Veterans give each of us a sense of peace, safety, and strength, may we as professionals pass that on to those we serve each day.  Just as Veterans serving our country give us hope, may we as professionals give our patients hope as well.

We salute all you Veterans and are proud to care for you.  We thank you for your sacrifice, service, strength, and hope.

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2 thoughts on “Our Veterans and Tinnitus”

  1. Tinnitus is common among the US population but nowhere more so than in returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Tinnitus is currently the number one service related disability of veterans returning from these conflicts. The cost to the US government for disability payments is expected to reach 2.26 billion dollars in 2014. We should all support these brave veterans and do everything within our reach to help them manage this condition.

    Source: http://www.tinnitusformula.com/library/iraq-afghanistan-veterans-tinnitus-hearing-loss/

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