The Audiologist’s Guide to “Pick-up” Lines

audiologist-apronHere’s a little bit of light humor for a Friday!  Any other one-liners you would add to the list?

How do you find humor in your everyday work as an audiologist?

Below are our favorite audiologist pick-up lines.  Let us know if you’ve ever tried one out 🙂



  • Want to come over and study forced oscillation and resonance factor?
  • Trust me, I am a doctor.
  • I bet no one can put you in a supine position faster and better than me.
  • Want to learn the log roll?
  • Two words: Fixation denied.
  • Ask me about down ten up five
  • I know the Sabine’s Reverberation Equation. Want to come and test it out in my boudoir?
  • We do it periodically with frequency and great amplitude.
  • Between you and me, we can make Longitudinal waves and Transverse waves.
  • Let’s measure how loud and how far your voice can propagate via simple means of compression and rarefaction.
  • Bone oscillation. Need I say more?
  • Audiology. We bring the “Oooo?!” in Otolaryngology
  • Allow me to find your natural frequency
  • Does the word tinnitus ring a bell?
  • Someday I will find the cure to tinnitus (that ringing noise you hear in your ears) and win the “No Bell” prize.

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