The Audiologist’s “Friday Funnies”

Loud and ClearFriday is here! After a busy week helping patients, we thought you might enjoy a moment to share in some audiology humor with us!

Check out the picture to the left. Shall we say this is “early amplification” or perhaps he is trying to get reception from the moon? How comfortable do you think those hearing aids are?

And of course, what patient (or any of us!) wouldn’t want a hearing aid that only picks up compliments:
Special Hearing Aid for Compliments                                                                                                                                                                   Has anyone experienced a patient moment like these?

Peas in your earsWe can help

And finally, this cute picture speaks for itself! You can find all of these comics and more great audiology humor on our Pinterest page.

Puppy Audiology Comic

Do you have any audiology humor to share?

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