Event Marketing Critical Success Factors

On Friday, we published a blog post about hosting a solutions-focused event.  Today’s post continues this topic with recommendations from Thumper Johnson, Director of Audiology at Mid Kansas ENT, about how to make your event a success.

  1. Plan ahead: Consider the event timeline and the staff needed to support each stage of planning.
  2. Know your staff: assign roles appropriately:
    –  Each staff member invites a group of attendees and works with them.
    –  Have someone available to troubleshoot technology issues.
    –  At the end, have someone review “the basics”: insertion / removal for new users, batteries, cleaning, etc.
  3. Reception:  Prepare for methods of payment (credit card, check, cash, prepay), name tags, folders, direction, purchases, etc.
  4. Fitting:  Pre-program hearing aids considering the following: Auto DFS, Receivers, Tips, Individual DFS etc.
  5. Pairing:  Pre-pair to streamer(s) being used and TEST each device!
    – Have some way to test as hearing aids are being fit.
    – Provide instructions for receiving the signal and post them/provide a hand out.
  6. Reservations: How many people can you handle? Limit the number of reservations.
  7. Purchasing: Have paperwork prepared for those who want to purchase. Put a card in the folders to allow attendees to indicate their desire to purchase. You can then follow up with them individually and they don’t have to stand in line.
  8. Follow Up: Schedule follow-up appointments ASAP to review fit (ensure new patients are seen within the first week). Also send a handwritten thank you note to each attendee.

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