“WOW” Stories from the Pros

Every now and again, a hearing healthcare professional shares a patient story with us that makes us say “WOW!”  These are the stories that make hearing healthcare a truly amazing profession.

“I recently had a patient whose car broke down on a busy highway while alone. This would normally have been an impossible situation for her. With her new hearing aids and phone clip, she was able to call her husband and hear his step-by-step instructions (in spite of the road noise) and use both hands to make the necessary repairs. After an hour of working on her car she was back on the road. She wasn’t very happy with her car, but she can’t imagine not having her new aids and binaural hands free telephone.”
-Brandy Lujan, AAA Hearing, Grand Junction, CO

“We have a patient who lost both legs from a vascular disease two years ago and has been wheelchair bound since. At the end of last year we upgraded his aid to the Alera 962. He was thrilled about the sound quality and the looks but especially the mini mic accessory! Hearing in crowded restaurants was much easier.  His wife would go to the buffet for him while he would stay comfortably at the table and explain to him the different options. He could just listen and nod while she prepared his meals, saving him the trouble of trying to get his wheelchair through the tables and close to the buffett table!”
-Lori Noland, Advanced Hearing Center, Vero Beach, FL

“I fit my new patient about four weeks ago with a pair of Verso 9, VO962.  This week, he jumped into his swimming pool with both hearing aids on his ears.  One of the hearing aids was at the bottom of the pool for more than 30 minutes because he could not find it at first.  Once he found it he removed the battery and put the hearing aid in a desiccant bag.  He came in today and both hearing aids work just fine with no problem. I suggested to him to use a hair dryer to dry the hearing aids next time if he accidentally jumps into the pool again with aids on.”
-Paul Depp, Audio Recovery Inc., Oklahoma City, OK

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