Tech Tip – ReSound Environmental Optimizer II

The sophistication of technology in ReSound products allows hearing instrument users the benefit of staying in one individual program, with many smart features continuously active. The Environmental Optimizer II provides patients with both automatic, personalized volume adjustments, as well as advanced noise reduction, using our Noise Tracker II, in seven different listening environments. This month’s tech tip reviews the Environmental Optimizer II and it’s added benefits, including incorporation into our Verso D2D products.

Environmental Optimizer II

  • Available in Verso 9, Verso 7, and Alera 9 products.
  • Expands the function of the Environmental Optimizer adding per environment noise reduction, in addition to automatic gain adjustment. While both operations occur using the environmental classifier system, they are independent in function and adjustability.

    • The Environmental Optimizer adjusts overall gain, working as a virtual volume control in multiple listening situations.


  • The Noise Tracker II Per Environment, based on spectral subtraction, reduces noise, in varying acoustic environments.

    Noise Tracker II numbers adjusted in the Per Environment setting in the software signify that when the classifier identifies the categorized environment, noise reduction will become stronger, as the negative numbers become larger, moving toward the “Max,” setting.

Noise Tracker II Per Environment

  • Available as Binaural Environmental Optimizer II in Verso 9 D2D Products

    • The Environmental Optimizer II is incorporated into Device-to-Device communication. Offers balanced and coordinated volume and noise reduction in each ear, regardless of the listening environment.





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